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Highlight and balayage boosting conditoners for blondes

17/06/2016 / Editor's picks

It’s a sad fact that most of the good things in life come with a downside and sorry to say it, but colouring our hair is most definitely one of them. While we love how great freshly lifted hair makes us feel, what we’re not such huge fans of is how fast it can fade. When exposed to everyday wear and tear (that’s sunlight, pollution, heck, even showering) coloured hair, specifically blonde hair, can suffer. As well as resulting an unwanted change in shade, it also affects the feel of your hair, which means drier, more brittle strands. Happily for you (and your bank balance) the answer to extending your colour doesn’t lie in spending your life in the salon chair, but rather, adding a colour-enhancing conditioner to your daily routine instead. The fastest and most affordable route to preserving your colour between salon trips, these little gems add softness, lock in colour and inject vibrancy back into your blonde, for a luminous and, dare we say it, just-stepped-out-of-the-salon feel. What’s not to love?

By Georgia Day

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