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Hair straightening treatments explained

24/02/2016 / Don't try this at home

Whether you’re a naturally curly girl, or plagued by humidity, we’ll hazard a bet that there’s one thing standing between you and the hair of your dreams: frizz. Coarse, curly hair can be difficult to manage, and porous, fine hair can puff up at the mere mention of rain. But, in-salon straightening treatments can transform even the most untameable of manes into a swishy, satisfyingly smooth shape. There’s several treatments to choose from and it’s important to know which technique is right for you, before you go. Hairstylist to the stars Errol Douglas gave us the skinny on all things straightening; from Brazilian blow outs to keratin blow dries to relaxing treatments for afro hair…

By Daniela Morosini

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