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The fade haircuts you should take to your barber

27/07/2018 / Men

The fade. You’ve probably heard of it. You’ve no doubt spotted it. Hey, you might even be sporting it (and not even realise). In brief, it’s an ‘aggressively tight’ tapered cut, kept super short at the sides and back, and ‘fading’ to any length up top (and, yep, it’s pretty much the cut of 2018).

The undercut fade is a good one (on-trend, low maintenance, a crowd-pleaser – read: your chums on Instagram will no-doubt double tap). The cut keep lots of length up top before tapering to a thin fade at the sides, and is super versatile when styling; pompadour, slicked back or roughed up for texture. Whether you’re all about perfecting your locks in the mirror, or the roll-out-of-bed-and-go type, this is the cut for you.

Of course, with any good do, it’s all about knowing what to ask the barber. High-skin fade, low-skin fade, maybe it’s best to show ‘em a picture? Here’s a few to choose from.

By Rachel Spedding

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