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Breakouts and spots: 10 mistakes you should avoid (that you might not know you’re making)

12/05/2022 / Beauty

Whether you’re a long-time breakout sufferer (same), or your spots have popped up out of nowhere and you’re new to the club (welcome) – it can sometimes be pretty impossible to figure out why on earth you’re breaking out.

Of course, (disclaimer here) – sometimes they’re pretty much unavoidable. Hormones, stress, age, genetics, and good old Aunt Flo can all lead to your skin just not playing ball. And that’s okay!! It’s totally natural, and we’ve all been there. 

But, that said, there are a few everyday things that might be causing, or at least adding, to the issue. And, (coming from a long-time sufferer of breakouts) that’s sometimes good to know. After all, getting to grips with a cause is the first step to finding a solution, right? As self-confessed skincare addicts, we’ve taken a deep dive into the world of spots and breakouts – specifically, the things we could be doing every day to cause them. 

From your makeup to your pillowcase, and even your fave glass of wine (sorry), the list of possible culprits (and thus, possible solutions), is surprisingly long. So, without further ado – here are the things you should be considering – and perhaps avoiding – when it comes to breakouts. Get the lowdown here. ➡️