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At the salon with: Arizona Muse, Model, Mother and Bride-to-be

05/05/2017 / Editor's picks

We’ll admit it. Here at Treatwell when it comes to beauty we’re totally nosy. What do you always book in for? What are your salon habits? And most importantly, what’s your favourite treatment? Whether you’re prepping for a wedding or getting ready for a holiday – we need all the deets. Introducing ‘At the Salon With’, our new monthly beauty series that lifts the lid on a host of expert’s and influencer’s salon rituals. From editors to chefs, models to business owners, we’re interviewing a wide range of in-the-know beauty lovers to find out exactly what makes them tick. This month, we sat down with supermodel and bride-to-be Arizona Muse at SHOW Dry in Wimbledon to get the inside scoop on her skincare routine, what she’s doing in the run up to her wedding, and her most recent in-salon discovery. Read on to find out more…

By Rebecca Hoffnung