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5 ways to spot a girl who spins

28/06/2016 / Editor's picks

We all know there’s nothing like spinning to whip your body into shape before a holiday, but boy do we need some serious encouragement to do it. “It’s proven that spinning is the most efficient way to burn fat,” says Hilary Gilbert, founder of BOOM Cycle and the poster girl for the spinning class, with the kind of healthy glow, toned body and radiant skin that would make even Jennifer Aniston envious. “It’s the quickest way to stay lean and healthy,” she continues, ‘but it also has multiple beauty and health benefits, such as increasing your confidence and sense of wellbeing – as well as giving you model-esque skin due to the detoxifying effects of working up a serious sweat.” With an average burn per class of 700 calories, and many people burning off 1200 calories per class, there’s nothing like the intensity of spinning to add a dose of va va voom to your daily routine. “Spinning is about being happy, being healthy and feeling awesome,” explains Hilary who has the infectious energy and sunny outlook you’d expect from someone getting her full dose of endorphins.

By Isabel Dexter

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