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Top makeup tips from Bobbi Brown

From: Tina Brocklebank's Blog,

Top makeup tips from Bobbi Brown

Tina Brocklebank is a Make-up Artist in North-East Lincolnshire, who worked and trained in make-up artistry for Bobbi Brown in London. She attended a masterclass with the Head of Artistry, Paul Herrington, and picked up lots of new tips and ideas. Here are her top tips for perfecting your look with the Bobbi Brown make-up and skincare range.


Perfect for softening skin, Bobbi Brown’s skincare range ensures your skin is ready for make-up application. The Intensive Skincare Supplement works 7 layers down and has instant results, making it ideal for brides on the big day. Apply 2-3 drops morning and night and say hello to radiance! For the cleanest skin in all the land, use the cleansing oil and soothing face tonic. One pump of the oil gives you enough to use on the whole of your face and it removes waterproof mascara with ease. If you keep the face tonic in the fridge it makes for a very refreshing tone and smells beautiful. Before applying your make-up, use the Vitamin Enriched Face Base and Hydrating Eye Cream to work wonders on your complexion. The face base can be used as a primer and moisturizer as it is oil free and suitable for all skin types (except for very dry). Warm it in your fingertips first and apply only a small amount, you do not want any oil on the surface of the skin as the make-up will just slide off! Lastly, smooth the hydrating eye cream under the eye to prevent creasing and ensure smooth application of concealer and foundation. Remember that the ‘Extra’ range is for extra dry/mature skin.


Concealer – Kim Cattrall is a huge fan of the Bobbi Brown concealers and foundations, which come in the same shades so it is easy to pick out and choose. Apply the concealer first under the eye area and using a concealer brush, apply the deepest part of the area with one shade lighter than your foundation (or the same shade if you are trying to cover a blemish). Use the foundation stick with a dampened wedge sponge on red or pink areas of your face, which is usually the centre, or for heavier coverage a foundation brush will do the trick. However, if you’re using liquid foundation, your fingers or a sponge is sufficient to get a non-streaky layer. If you’re a fan of powder foundation, the best tip is to not powder the cheeks until last. Use the powder brush down the t-zone first – “lose the shine but keep the glow”.

Blusher and lips – These are the most important products in your make-up kit, as the rest of the face comes together after applying these two. Tap your cheeks to indicate what colour blusher you should go for, then use cream on the apples of the cheeks, using fingers and a blusher brush up the hairline. You can use a cream pot rouge on the lips too if required. The lip colour that looks amazing on everyone is Sandwash Pink, perfect with nude make-up.

Eyes – The best way to wow with your eyes is to apply the cream eyeshadow in Bone with your fingers all the way up to the brow, then using an eyeshadow brush apply a mid-tone shade of Maple shadow onto the lid and into the crease, then blend. Use Chino shadow in the socket and Caviar applied dry on the lash line to give depth. When applying on the lash line, mark the point where you want to apply at the end and start from the inside corner, sweeping across the lash line and ending at the point where you have marked. This technique makes the eye “pop”, a great effect. You can also use Shimmer Bricks as eyeshadow too as they give a lovely sheen. For mascara, the best tip is to wiggle the wand from the base of the lashes to ensure there will be no clumps.

Changing your look

If you want to change your make-up quickly, you don’t have to remove it all and start again. One easy way of changing how your make-up looks is to take off your lipstick and replace it with a deeper metallic gloss. Crystal is great as it has no tackiness and stays on for a long time. Another look is to go for natural from splashes of colour. To change this, all you need to do is take down the colour of the blusher and lip with a wedge sponge and tone it down further if needed with concealer. Then dress the eyes smoky and metallic using your finger from lash to crease with Rock eyeshadow, and apply gel liner in the inner corner of the eye.

By sticking to the top tips, your Bobbi Brown make-up will go further than ever and you’ll have perfect make-up to impress. Remember the holiday essentials are foundation, rouge, gloss and tinted moisturizer.

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Tina Brocklebank is a Make-up Artist in North-East Lincolnshire, who worked and trained in make-up artistry for Bobbi Brown in London.

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