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Party drips - the new celebrity health fad

From: Natasha's Stash,

Party drips - the new celebrity health fad

Here and across the pond, celebrities are shelling out hundreds of pounds on the new hangover-cure craze. Known as a party drip, the scientific concoction contains vitamin C, vitamin B, zinc, magnesium and B12 and is introduced intravenously to the body. If you don’t care for needles, the party drip is a morning-after remedy you should avoid at all costs.

Favoured by celebrities, including raunchy Rihanna who recently tweeted a photograph of the drip in action as well as Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue, the party drip costs a whopping £250 for 250ml. The vitamin-rich shot is being used to cure the awful effects of a hangover or oncoming illness – now we know a hangover can be painful, but we’re not sure we’re willing to squander that much cash over it…

The crazy cocktail is supposed to rehydrate the body while countering the effect of alcohol and sleep deprivation, making it very popular among city workers who too frequently party into the early hours, and exhausted yummy mummies who need a boost.

However, health experts are increasingly worried that people will start using the party drip to allow them to push their lifestyle to the boundaries instead of addressing the issue at hand. The mixture essentially works as a placebo effect for short-term symptoms of a hectic lifestyle, but does nothing for long-term health issues.

Experts have found no scientific evidence to suggest the drips are useful, and after a heavy night or workout the same rehydration can be achieved by drinking water, which is also much cheaper. Of course there are also risks, as with any procedure; the drip can cause dizziness, inflammation of the vein, infection, and could even cause anaphylactic shock. Yikes.

Needles or no needles, we’re not convinced that a quick drip is the answer to feeling run down or a hangover. Why not save the pennies, glug some water and eat some good healthy food instead? We’re sure there are a few celebrities who do that too…

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