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Regular exercise could reduce “preventable” cancer risk

From: Missy's World of Wellness,

Regular exercise could reduce “preventable” cancer risk

Are you doing enough to lower your risk from cancer? According to World Cancer Research Fund we could be doing so much more; up to 80,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year, and in most cases could have prevented the disease from developing if they had followed a lifelong healthy diet and exercise plan.

Studies have suggested that those with higher physical activity levels are less likely to develop the disease in later life than those who give exercise the cold shoulder.

According to the WCRF, the UK has the highest levels of preventable cancers than anywhere else, and people who exercise daily could significantly reduce their risk of developing the disease in later life – which is when we are most at risk.

Recent studies by the Harvard School of Public Health have also suggested that five or more hours of exercise a week helps cut the risk of cancer by 35%, and argue that any moderate activity including brisk walking five times a week could be significantly effective in preventing aggressive tumours from developing.

We might tend to dismiss cancer as a question of fate but thanks to our greater understanding of the disease, we are now more aware of how to check our bodies for the first signs of cancer as it has been proven that early detection and diagnoses makes it easier to treat with a better survival rate.

However, as the popular saying goes; prevention is better than cure, and even if a healthy lifestyle is not a guarantee against the disease, being physically active as well as eating healthily and maintaining a healthy weight could significantly reduce your risk of being diagnosed with cancer as well as enhance your wellbeing. Why not get started with a free session of something new to put a spring back in your step?

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