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Weight loss - the last hurdle

From: HypnoBlog,

Weight loss - the last hurdle

It’s that time of year. The sun is shining (well, almost), the holiday season is fast approaching and everyone seems focused on losing weight before they have to bare the bikini body. Certainly this seems to be the case with my clients.

None of them have much weight to lose, but for some reason that last 10 pounds seems to be almost impossible to shift. Not just my clients either I’m guessing; there are more than 10 books listed on Amazon entitled ‘How to lose that last 10lb’ or words to that effect.

Part of the reason this last 10 pounds is so hard to shift is that we start to lose our willpower at this point. On one hand the end is in sight, but on the other it’s easy to slip back into over-eating. As the willpower dwindles our inner voice gets louder and asks those questions we wish it wouldn’t: “Will 10 pounds actually make that much difference?” “Will it be worth the work?” “Surely one little bite of chocolate/cake/crisps/name your weakness won’t make any difference?”

Now, while I can’t answer the first of those two questions on behalf of my clients, the answer to the third is yes!

A recipe for weight loss

So how do you find the willpower to keep going with your diet so that it’s easy to do? One way to think about it is to breakdown the idea of willpower into its constituent parts. Think of willpower as being a delicious cake, and what you want to find is your own unique recipe to make the cake.

Each willpower cake contains at very least the following ingredients:

  • Motivation: the desire to achieve your goal
  • Determination: the drive and resolution to succeed
  • Confidence: the belief in yourself that it’s possible
  • Tenacity: the ability to get up again when you meet an obstacle
  • Focus: keeping your goal a number one priority
  • Mental Toughness: staying true to yourself

At different times during the weight loss journey you might want a different cake so you’ll need more or less of these ingredients. For example at the just-10-pounds-to-go stage I suspect you need more than a sprinkle of ‘tenacity’, a large spoonful of ‘focus’, and quite possibly a garnish of ‘confidence’.

Now we’ve all experienced times in our lives when we’ve had all these things (perhaps not connected with weight loss, perhaps not at the same time), but we know it’s possible for us to experience them. The great thing is you can use the positivity of those past experiences to help you whenever you feel your willpower going wobbly:

  1. Just think about which ingredients would be most useful to you now
  2. Tune into a time when you had them in the past, (you may need to think about them one experience at a time)
  3. Model your own behaviour from then; that is, what did you do or feel then that would be useful for you now, and then copy it. Easy!

Won't power vs willpower

As for won’t power, well that’s all the stuff that stops us doing what we want to do and being who we want to be. Won’t power is all those pernicious and persistent negative thoughts that try to stop us staying on track and reaching our goals. And while we might believe these negative thoughts about ourselves, they aren’t actually true and are hugely damaging. Some I’ve heard this week are:

  • I’m a pig (what, literally?)
  • I’ll never achieve my goal (are you sure?)
  • I can’t resist ... chocolate, my children’s left overs, cold fish fingers, sweets, cheese, bread, salami, actually any kind of anti pasta, dessert, crisps, nuts, popcorn, biscuits (you can’t resist ever?)
  • I’m sure I’ll be dieting forever (do you want to be?)
  • I can’t do it (can’t or choose not to?)
  • I’m not normal (er, yes you are!)

Keep a note of these thoughts and read them back to yourself in a sane moment and ask yourself if it’s really true. It’s also really useful to counter these negative thoughts with positive affirmations and if you do EFT simply tap them away.

Or of course see a hypnotherapist for help!

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