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There's no such thing as a healthy lifestyle

From: Empowered Living,

There's no such thing as a healthy lifestyle

Wow - now that’s something to think about, and what about the trillion dollar health industry? What if I was to say “pain” and “pleasure” are conserved throughout time and space? They will only change their forms and it’s an illusion you can rid yourself of “pain” and gain just “pleasure”.

If you talk to an older person about the journey of their life, they will tell you that it is no easier or harder at the end or beginning. Difficulty and ease, pain and pleasure, calm and turmoil, happiness and sadness simply change form through time. Anyone expecting life to get easier will be living an illusion and be disappointed time and time again.

Your body reveals what’s going on in your mind. Anytime there are gastrointestinal problems, look at what is going on in your psyche. The same with your bowels – they too will show certain signs and symptoms depending on what’s going on in your emotions. When angry, for example, how many women get bladder infections?

As with mental growth, maintaining physical wellness will also require “pain” and “pleasure”. How interesting that some people work out to feel better and yet hurt and pound their ankles, knees, elbows and hips.

Do you know it’s impossible to build without destroying your body? – No matter what you do; even if you sit and do nothing. We each have constructive habits building our bodies and destructive habits destroying them – and that will never change. Market ploys are fleeting illusions, i.e to get rid of pain and gain pleasure. Taking medication for treating impotence in men, for example, to have the pleasure of a lovely evening. Read the small print, however, and you’ll realise the “pains” and downsides of taking it too.

So what are some of the constructive/destructive things going on in your own life? Going to the gym to work out and having an affair, perhaps, and destroying your present relationship? Body building and also taking ecstasy? Excessive spinning classes to improve cardiovascular conditioning which at the same time can accelerate the ageing process. Whatever we do fanatically the universe will draw something else in to neutralise it, and whenever we try and change the form of builder and destroyer – another one surfaces.

Look at smoking. Have you noticed that ever since smoking was no longer permitted in certain countries, obesity has gone up in exactly the same time frame? The form of disease has changed. From lung problems we get gastrointestinal and colon problems. There’s a conservation of health and disease in your life (build and destroy) and it will automatically occur - no matter what you do. This is why I teach wellbeing, and no longer health.

The world lives in a state of transformation. As parents stopped spanking their children, bullies emerged and as bullies are being dealt with, self harming will increase. Wellbeing is the willingness to embrace all the above – reality. A world of transformation – not one of gain and loss. Wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle is where our true wealth is, not finances. After all, it’s no use being the richest man in the grave.

Without wellbeing we have nothing.

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Susan Dellanzo is an International Transformation Coach & Speaker who inspires others to live a more fulfilling life. Susan has had a lifelong passion in the areas of human behaviour, personal development, health, fitness, and lifestyle. In particular she is interested in mind, body, and soul, and has spent a lifetime observing how people interact between each other owing to their self imposed limited beliefs. An author, speaker, mother and wife who loves to travel and teach internationally as well as nationally.

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