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Pause. Think. Act.

From: Beauty School Drop Out,

Pause. Think. Act.

It’s easy to dole out the advice when the problem isn’t your own: “calm down, think logically, take a step back”. But most of the time, when it’s you that’s in trouble, a step back often feels like jumping off the metaphorical precipice – you don’t have time to think, there is too much to do! But it seems this is where we are all going wrong. Innerspace have devised a three point plan to combat negative thinking and help you deal with things better, and they’ve got an expert on board to help.

94 year old Dadi Janki is a wise woman who deploys positive thinking to combat any issues that may arise in her lifetime. But don’t worry, you don’t have to wait till you’re old and grey to learn the ways of the world, as Janki is traveling the world imparting wisdom on others, enabling them to employ the same habits as her to ensure a happier existence.

Their three-step system is simple. Pause. Think. Act. When you are calm, you make better, more informed decisions; once these decisions are made, you are more likely to follow a decisive course of action.

  • Pause to de-stress, preventing any extraneous variables from swaying your decision.
  • Think positively; use logic to decide upon the most productive way to proceed.
  • Act with efficacy; follow through with your decision, repeating the process if necessary if the situation changes.

While these simple steps seem logical enough, it is surprising how easy it is to bypass them and head straight into a downward spiral of worry. So the lovely folks at Inner Space have come up with a 25 day guide to get you on the right track to positive thinking, offering you tips such as; singing to rid yourself of worry, doing nothing for 20 minutes to cleanse you mind and soul of any stress and tension, and create a no complaining zone to maximize positivity.

They’re also hosting a free evening to explore these concepts in more depth at the Savoy Theatre, Savoy Court, Strand, West End, London on Tuesday 25 May, from 6.30pm to 8pm. Visit their website [1] or register here.

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