The 4 things clients check before choosing a salon

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Choosing a salon is a big deal. When a client books a haircut or beauty treatment somewhere new, they need to know they’re choosing the right place — so it’s pretty likely that they’ll have done their research. 

To find out what really makes the difference, we asked our customers in the UK what matters most — here’s what they had to say.

1. Reputation

Because trust is key.

The relationship between a client and their stylist, barber or beautician is important (and some might argue the most important relationship anyone will ever have). It’s no surprise, then, that 41% of people seek salon recommendations from friends or family – those in their lives they trust the most. Word of mouth is powerful.

Clients are also paying close attention to what’s being said on salons’ websites, social media channels and when they’re connecting directly with the business. This helps them to get to know the salon before they decide to book. 

Our recommendation: You spend time building trust with your existing clients in the salon, so why not use this to help attract new ones? Ask your clients to leave reviews after their appointment, to help build your online reputation. 1 in 5 people read customer reviews before they do anything else – so make sure yours are relevant and up to date.

2. Location

With working from home a lot more common for people, popping to the nail bar five minutes from the office is a bit of a challenge. 

This change in people’s work location, paired with their wariness of using public transport means that clients say they’re now more willing to try new places for their hair and beauty needs, only a little closer to home. 

And it’s not just convenience – 88% of our customers say that supporting local business is important to them. Trying out local businesses has become a way for people to discover new favourites close to home while helping their community thrive. 

Our recommendation: Team up with other businesses nearby. Chat with the florist down the road or the cafe next door to see how you can help each other out. It’s a great way to help your local community, while also encouraging clients through the door.

3. Price

No surprises here. The price of treatments continues to matter and influences client booking decisions. However, people are still ready to pay for a service they expect and trust. 

Interestingly, discounts and promotions are much less important on the other side of lockdown. Clients still want to get their hair and beauty treatments, regardless of an incentive like a discount – in fact, as long as they knew they were in safe hands, they were actually willing to pay a little bit more.

Our recommendation: Do your research. Making sure your treatment prices match up with what clients are expecting is important when it comes to that moment of choice. Too high, and you might have misread your clients. Too low, and they might not think you’re trustworthy. Check out your competitors’ menu pricing, research similar businesses to your own – or even ask your existing clients for advice directly. Treatwell partner? Ask one of our experts to see how we can help you do just that.

4. Hygiene, health and safety

Many of the treatments clients want are up close and personal. Having clear hygiene practices has become a huge factor in making clients feel comfortable booking. It’s now expected for hair and beauty salons to have safety measures in place, for both the client and the person giving the service. 

Clear communication on the salon’s part, showing that they’re sticking to the rules is another way to give clients the confidence to book. 

Our recommendation: Make sure your hygiene is above board. For more insights into how client behaviour might have changed post-lockdown and much more, check out the Coming back strong guide today. 

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