Pledge with pride: How LGBTQIA+ friendly businesses can create safe spaces and make a difference

Treat everyone well - pledge with pride

First things first. We know that our industry, us included, has a lot of work to do when it comes to diversity and inclusivity. Whilst we love the hair, beauty, and wellness industry, we know that – like many businesses – plenty of assumptions, stereotypes & inequality still exist in it. Facts. 

What we also know, however, is that our industry is full to the brim of wonderful, diverse, passionate, and good people – who share our belief that everyone deserves to be treated well. That’s why, this Pride Month, we’re taking the first step in our journey towards creating a more inclusive beauty and wellness experience for our customers and partners – because our industry is truly ready for a ‘before & after’. Read on to find out more. 

Treat everyone well

It’s no secret that we at Treatwell are true believers in the importance of self-care. We wholeheartedly believe that the talented professionals in our industry – experts in everything from hair, nails, and makeup to massages, facials, and cosmetic treatments – have the power to change lives (excuse the dramatics). 

And, even when they’re not out there creating total transformations – those everyday moments of self-care and self-expression can affect the well-being of their clients in ways untold. 

For members of the LGBTQIA+ community, this can be truer than ever. Whether it’s a gender-affirming haircut, a manicure that makes a client feel more like themselves, or just a good-old bit of me-time in the form of a relaxing massage – treatments empower people to embrace and express who they really are, like a warm, well-deserved hug.

That’s why we believe that self-care and self-expression aren’t luxuries for the privileged few – they should be accessible to all. So, we’re introducing our pledge with pride – our first initiative for Pride Month and beyond. Drumroll, please…🥁

Introducing: pledge with pride

It’s simple, really. We’re introducing a badge, which declares to the world that your salon business is proudly LGBTQIA+ friendly. We’re educating and encouraging you, our partners, to badge your business. To do so, you’ll need to accept our pledge with pride. By pledging with pride and badging your salon as LGBTQIA+ friendly, you’re committing to living up to Pride values* with every booking. You’re proudly declaring your support for the LGBTQIA+ community, and you’re showing your clients that you believe in providing inclusive treatment.

*Pride values: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence

Treatwell pledge with pride

How do I pledge with pride?

If you’re already a Treatwell partner, you can badge your business in a few simple steps:

  • Click the button below to head to the Pledge with pride homepage.
  • Click the “Badge your business” button to read our pledge.
  • Accept the pledge with pride by filling out your salon’s info, and clicking the “Accept” button.
  • Understand that doing so means you’ll uphold those Pride values*, and show your support for inclusive treatment with every appointment.

*Pride values: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence

Once you’ve accepted the pledge, we’ll then cross-check with your venue details, and send you a badge update in a few days. After we’ve reviewed your pledge, we’ll pop an LGBTQIA+ friendly badge on your page on the Treatwell Marketplace.

Accept the pledge, get the badge. Say it loud and proud with us.

If you’re not yet using Treatwell to manage your business, click the link below to do a demo, then badge your business easily once your account is live.

And, if you want to do more to make your salon (and the industry) more inclusive, you can:

  • Ask for client reviews on inclusivity in your salon & address any feedback they might have. 

Why pledge with pride? 

The way we see it, there are tonnes of reasons to pledge with pride. We know that signposting safe salons, beauty spots, barber shops and wellness spaces on Treatwell can mean a lot to you, your clients, and the community. Here’s how:

Pledge for the community 

Here’s the thing. When it comes down to it, the world of self-care and pampering can be an intimidating place. It’s up close and personal. Like when we bare our skin for that massage, or strip down for the smoothest wax. Or when we sit down in the salon chair ready for a transformative haircut, or close our eyes for some dramatic new lashes. Putting ourselves in the hands of the pros can be a lot. So, by badging your salon, you’re making it clear that your salon is one that welcomes everyone, makes no assumptions, and cares about inclusivity. Which can be a real comfort for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

By proudly displaying the badge, our partners are saying it loud and clear – that they won’t stand for discrimination, and that their salon is a proud safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. It guides clients towards salons that prioritise inclusivity, so that they can book by the badge.

And, when we find a salon that genuinely understands and appreciates our identity? Well, that’s when the magic happens. We’re talking confidence-boosting, gender-affirming, transformative magic. We all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, to invest in our wellness and beauty journey, and to express our unique style and beauty. By pledging with pride, we hope that we can go some way to helping the LGBTQIA+ community do so without reservation. Because me-time should be worry-free time. 

Pledge for your clients

Whether they’re new clients, potential clients, or good-old regulars; and whether they identify as LGBTQIA+, or whether they are allies to the community: your clients care about what businesses are saying. They care about whether a salon’s beliefs align with their own, and their experiences at your salon will likely be affected by that. When you pledge with pride, your clients have the assurance that your salon believes in inclusive treatments, and that your top priority is client comfort. So, they’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re committed to treating everyone well. Ta-da – their beauty and wellness experience just got even more enriching. 

Pledge for you

This is a biggie. We know that many of our partner salons hold this belief near and dear to their hearts already. Having an opportunity to openly declare this is something that means a lot not just to clients, but to salon pros too. 

By badging your salon as LGBTQIA+ friendly, you open your business up to a whole host of new opportunities. From engaging with new perspectives and ideas, to connecting with a network of like-minded pros who share your commitment to inclusivity. And, it opens your doors to new clients in search of acceptance and affirmation, too. It creates loyalty, trust, and long-term relationships with clients. When individuals feel valued and accepted, they become advocates for the businesses that support them. 

What’s more, by pledging with pride, you’re actively saying ‘no’ to prejudice, beauty standards, stereotypes & discrimination. You’re paving the way for a more accepting, inclusive industry – which doesn’t just apply to your clients. By making this statement, you’re showing acceptance to your team. You’re creating an inclusive culture for your colleagues and other pros in the industry. You’re creating safe spaces that everyone can benefit from, and promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone in the industry – from root to tip. And isn’t that what we all want? 

So, let’s do this. 

Together, we can help make the industry more inclusive and ensure the LGBTQIA+ community feel accepted and affirmed whenever they have a treatment with Treatwell.

We can say:

‘Yes’ to inclusive hair, beauty, barbers & beyond.

‘No’ to beauty standards, stereotypes & discrimination.

Not just for Pride month.

For self-care and self-expression, every month.

Let’s treat everyone well.