4 salon customer service tips for making a great first impression on clients

3 mins read

At the end of the day, the customer experience really is king. The better an impression you make on your new clients, the more likely it is they’ll come marching back through your door when it’s time for another tune-up.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. There’s a lot that goes into making every first consultation a success. Incorporate these four salon customer service secrets into your first-time treatments today and watch your customers lining up for another appointment.

1. Give advice, talk details, show photos

Your customers might be coming to you because they’ve got something specific in mind, but they’re often also looking for some impartial, expert advice on what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to their personal needs. Make sure you’re answering their questions honestly and giving your professional opinion. If they seem keen on a treatment that’s unlikely to work for them, let them know politely (and tell them why), and offer an alternative.

Showing pictures can also help your more ever-so-slightly-undecided clients choose what they want. It’ll help make sure you’re speaking in the same language – you’ll be able to show them exactly what a ‘couple of inches’ or a specific colour actually looks like in practice. Be sure to explain exactly what the treatment is, how long the results should last and how to maintain it.

The more you help them, the more likely they are to come back for another booking in the future. That’s a loyal customer, coming your way.

2. Watch your (body) language

Visiting a new salon for the first time can be a little intimidating for your new customers. After all, as far as they’re concerned at this point, they’re taking a bet on you. So, it’s your job to put them at ease.

It might sound basic but eye contact is a powerful everyday tool, and essential for a number of situations. In the salon, it helps to make your client feel welcome, respected and heard. Instead of standing over them, sit down and have a chat at eye-level – it’ll really build that personal relationship. Make sure your arms are unfolded and try to tailor your language to their level knowledge.

If it’s their first time trying a treatment and aren’t too sure about the specifics, they’re unlikely to know much of the lingo, so you can be as basic as possible without being condescending. If they’re a seasoned veteran, then feel free to go ahead and talk more specifics. Showing off too much and going over someone’s head for no reason won’t impress them – it’ll just make them uncomfortable.

3. Be personable and never assume

It’s also just as important to listen carefully and take on board their feedback – whether you’ve worked with someone for five minutes or five years. While they may have always gone for the same classic pedicure or cut and blow dry as long as you’ve known them, people change.

Successful relationships are built on trust and respect (and the occasional breakfast in bed). The same goes for your business. Use your client’s name, ask questions, and remember all-important little details.

Make discrete notes if you have to – the more you learn about them, the easier it’ll be to recommend treatments you know they’ll like in the future (and building a level of trust and affection is one of the most important factors in turning a one-off customer into a regular.)

4. Streamline the experience

Providing perfect salon customer service goes beyond just what happens when you’re actually in the salon – it’s everything, from how your clients book (and when) to walking out feeling fantastic.

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