One final note on 2020

2 mins read

2020. The year we’re ready to see off. But not before we do a little reflecting. 

It was the year that brought us closer when we couldn’t be physically close. And a year in which over 9000 of you joined our Europe-wide community groups, to hear from, and support one another. 

A year that everyone’s wellbeing (and nails, hair, and skin) took a serious blow, and the year that hair, beauty and wellness professionals — our stylists, masseuses, beauticians, barbers, nail techs, and facialists — were missed like never before. Not just for their skills and talent, but for their kindness, chatter and laughter too.  

It was a year that this industry went above and beyond to elevate (already impeccable) hygiene standards. A time of doing the most to keep clients, team members and families safe. 

It was the year that we came together, in our thousands, to fight, fundraise and lobby for our industry. We took a stand to show just how much hair, beauty and wellness is worth to the nation’s economy and wellbeing. The conversation’s not over yet, but we’re being heard.

It was a year that saw millions of clients rush back to salons, treatment rooms and massage beds, the second they got the chance. Many, many DIY disasters, and the inevitable appointments to fix them.

When we look back on 2020, we look back on a year that shows how much this incredible industry — and every person within it — is valued.

This is simply a message from us to say, well done for fighting through this year. 

Let’s bring on 2021, together.