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Treatwell Pro’s intuitive and detailed reports provide you with all the information you need to strengthen your decision-making process, help you motivate your team, and give you total control of your salon at all times.

Treatwell Pro
motivate your team
Motivate your team

Compare your service and product sales statistics, so it’s even easier to set inspiring and effective goals for your business.

always know where you stand
Always know where you stand

With Treatwell, you’ll have an overview of the overall performance of your salon, comparable by period and accessible from any device.

get to know your clients
Get to know your clients

With Treatwell Pro, you’ll be able to check the number of regular appointments in your diary, and monitor how many new clients you’re getting. You’ll also be able to understand whether new clients are booking via social media, your website, or the Treatwell app.

Employee reporting

Achieve success with all your employees

You’ll always have a complete picture of each employee’s productivity, promotions sold, and services performed – as well as customer loyalty and review scores on

Sales monitoring

You’ll be able to see which employee has sold the most products, who managed the most promotions, and who generated the most revenue in a given period. All statistics are accessible from any device and can be viewed whenever and wherever you want.

Want to know which of your employees generates the most turnover?

With Treatwell, you have access to a detailed report containing the number of products and services sold, the total turnover of all your employees and the amount of daily profits.

Intuitive interface

With just one click, you can see how the services are distributed within your salon, which employee performs the most services, which service takes the most time. You can also compare the data with previous months or years.

achieve success with all your employees

Client and appointment analytics

With Treatwell Pro, remove the guesswork and have all the data at your fingertips.

Booking frequency

There is a detailed report on Treatwell Pro allowing you to see how often your clients visit: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or every now and then. You can understand which type of client brings you the most revenue and whether it’s more new or returning clients.

Average booking value

The statistics help you understand average spend per client, allowing you to adjust your prices accordingly. Treatwell also gives you the average spend based on the history of services performed and products purchased.

Client file

You’ll have a detailed client base report that will show you, at any time, new, returning, lapsed and returning clients. For each group, you can see the number of services performed and products purchased, as well as the average spend.

Off-peak times

Thanks to the statistics, you’ll be able to see which days of the week are most and least popular, so that you can create promos to bring clients in on your quietest days. In addition, for each day of the week you can see how many clients you have, how many services are performed, and how many products are purchased.

with treatwell pro remove the guesswork and have all the data at your fingertips
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