5 ways to engage with your clients on social if they’re self-isolating

The world is a strange place right now. The global pandemic, COVID-19, has triggered real uncertainty for the hair and beauty industry. We’re here to support you in any way we can and help you make the most out of this downtime. 

As digital channels become ever more important to help you get noticed and connect with new and existing clients – as well as the wider industry – you might want to use this time to focus on your business’ social strategy. Treatwell’s Digital Strategist, Hollie Heffernan, has pulled together her 5 top tips on how to best engage with your clients on social media – even if you’re closed.

1. You’re the expert – share advice only you can give

Whilst at home, many people will be reaching for DIY hair dye kits and tweezers – but some things are best left to the professionals. When creating content, think about the problems you can solve through temporary solutions whilst your clients can’t get to the salon. Instead of showing people how to trim their fringe, instead, give them styling tips on how to work an overgrown one. Rather than sharing the best at-home gel mani kits, suggest things clients can do to make their manis last. The aim is to show the unique value of your services – so create content around your area of expertise and own it. Then, when you do open your doors, your clients will come to you first (with their eyebrows still intact).


2. Share your knowledge through live sessions

There’s nothing like face-to-face time with your clients, but when that’s not an option, live-streamed sessions are a great alternative that allows you to check-in and add value.

Try platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live to spark conversation and answer clients questions. You could also try hosting a demonstration,  a myth-busting session or simply an open Q&A. Whatever you plan, give your followers plenty of notice before you go live – let them know the time and topic, and tell them to come prepared with any questions. 

Not sure what topic to choose? Ask your community what they’d most like to hear about and let them know you’ll be creating your live session around the most popular suggestions. 


3. Build a vibrant online community

You’re putting time and effort into creating content – you want to make sure it’s seen. When you can’t chat with clients in the salon, consider other communication channels at your disposal. 

Want to send an email to your client base encouraging them to follow you on social? Give them a taste of the kind of content you’re creating and link to existing posts. You can also reach out to loyal clients and existing followers directly via DM or Whatsapp and encourage them to share your page with their friends who might also love your content. 


4. Keep the relationship two-way

If you have a little extra time on your hands, use it to spark conversations and respond to your clients’ comments and questions. You work hard to build these relationships every day – it’s important to maintain them, even if you’re not in the salon.

Some clients might be wanting more detailed, personalised advice. If you’re comfortable with it, go the extra mile and give them your Whatsapp number or schedule individual consulting sessions. You’ll be remembered (and loved) for it.

Also, make sure you’re seeking support and advice when you need it – there are many others in the wider hair and beauty community going through similar experiences. Look out for online groups and forums, to find and offer support and comfort. We’ve created this Facebook group for exactly that reason – it’s open to anyone in the industry. Remember, we’re in this together! 

5. Get the whole team involved

If you have multiple team members and are struggling to engage them during this period of downtime, this is the perfect opportunity to upskill them in social media best practice. There are many free, online courses – try Hootsuite or Later. Earlier this year, we also hosted a webinar looking at how social media is changing for businesses in 2020.

Hero your team members on social and get them involved in content creation. Think about their unique expertise and how you can use this to enrich your content angles and potentially appeal to wider audiences.

Want more advice? Join our Facebook Group for continued conversation and support surrounding COVID-19.

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