Booking fees built for business growth

Our unique commission structure is built specifically with salon feedback in mind, to help your beauty business grow in the smartest, most cost-effective way possible. Unlike our competitors, we’ll only ever charge you for brand new customers we send through your door, and just a processing fee when they come back in for more.

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  • New to salon customer commission (all fees included)
  • Repeat customers
  • Direct customers (walk-ins, phone, text, etc)
  • 24/7 online bookings with a full digital shopfront for Treatwell’s millions of customers
  • Easy salon management with Treatwell Connect (with unlimited team members & built-in email marketing tools)
  • Easy-to-use POS system

* 2% processing fee only applies when customers pre-pay online

All fees are subject to VAT

Investing in your business

At Treatwell, we know that having the right mix of loyal clients and fresh faces is key for a thriving salon. That’s why we listened to our partners’ feedback and worked hard to create our unique, new-customer-only commission model to help beauty businesses grow better than ever.

We don’t just pocket that first-timer charge, either. We re-invest it right back into our marketing so we can make sure we’re delivering you a steady stream of new clients, and into our industry-leading tools so you can turn them into loyal customers who’ll come back time and time again. In fact, 48% of all Treatwell bookings come from customers returning to their favourite salons.

(Plus, you can rest easy knowing we’ll never charge you for one of your existing customers either, when they start booking you through Treatwell.)

"Every month used to be the same when I looked at my sales but since I made the move to Treatwell I've seen so much more come in every month. I can't believe the difference it's made."

"Moving to Treatwell's pricing structure was really a no-brainer for me - not paying for any of my repeat customers? Yes please!"

No matter their plan,
all Treatwell partners have full access to

  • A full listing on Treatwell’s online marketplace and app
  • A beautiful digital diary - accessible on any device, any time
  • Easy-to-use, day-to-day management tools built for salon owners
  • A ‘Book Now’ widget for bookings straight from your social media and website
  • Built-in email and social media marketing tools
  • A free, fully customisable website
  • Verified customer reviews
  • Appointment reminders for you and your clients (email, SMS and push notification)
  • Automatic invites to rebook, sent at the right moment
  • In-depth, on-demand performance reporting
  • Fully customisable permission settings for team members
  • The full benefit of our online & offline marketing - TV, email, social media & more
  • An exclusive partnership with Reserve with Google
  • A dedicated client rebooking experience in the Treatwell app
  • GDPR-secure client lists

Frequently asked questions

What makes Treatwell so much better than other salon software?

The Treatwell partnership is about a whole lot more than just salon software - we’re here to be your digital business partner. Everything we do is built around our mission of helping you grow your business, from hooking you up to the leading online hair & beauty marketplace in Europe to providing tailor-made management tools to increase client loyalty and manage your business more easily. Noone else helps you grow your business like we do.

Why do you charge sign-up fees and commission?

With Treatwell, you’re not signed up and forgotten. Using your sign-up fee, we dedicate a team to help build your online profile into a beautiful, bespoke shopfront that your clients will love to use, right from day one of your partnership - so you can hit the ground running and focus on growing instead.

Our commission structure is also designed to help you grow. Unlike our competitors, we’ll only charge you for first-time clients rather than a flat booking commission. After that point, we’ll only ever charge you a small processing fee. Most of these charges are reinvested into creating the tools you need to turn them into repeat clients, and driving you bookings with our marketing. (In fact, we’re the single biggest investor in the beauty industry in Europe today.)

When do I have to pay the processing fee?

A 2% processing fee is applied to any booking made by repeat customers, to cover the costs of handling the booking.

As a special bonus for our Plus and Premium partners, we waive the fee entirely for customers who pay at your venue - so you’ll ONLY pay when customers pre-pay for their treatments online.

Do I have to pay for my own customers?

Nope. We’ll only ever charge you commission on brand new customers to your salon, sent to you through Treatwell. Any direct bookings you add in (that's walk-ins, phone calls, texts... anything that's come to you directly) will be automatically treated as a repeat customer, so they’ll be completely commission-free.

What happens if I want to cancel?

All our partnerships are run on a month-by-month basis with no long-term contracts, so you can cancel any time if things aren’t working out.

Is my information secure with you?

Super-secure. Making sure your information is safe and sound is our top priority, so we encrypt your data and keep it safe online. We’ll never use or sell your data without your permission. You can check out our Privacy Policy for more on how we store and use your data.

And it’s not just about you - any client information that you keep on Treatwell Connect is also kept secure and GDPR-compliant, so there’s never a need to worry.

Is training included?

Yes. Once you sign up, we’ll run you through everything you and your team need to know about Treatwell and the partnership, and will continue to be available for support afterwards.

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