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Gender: Female

mum of four, busy all the time, so Wahanda essential for my mental and physical well-being. How did I manage before it?!!

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2012

IT was my first visit to this salon, and it was a little tricky to find, but once there I was warmly welcomed, given the obligatory form to fill in then taken for my treatment. The masseuse seemed young to me, however, i discovered she'd been massaging for over three years, including on a cruise ship and she really knew what she was doing. I thought she did a brilliant job, covered the whole of my body in the alloted time, and i left feeling nice and relaxed. will definitely go again.

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2011

REALLY brilliant facial by Irini in this Covent garden salon on Tuesday. I hadn't had a guinot facial before and wanted to see if it really was all that, and it was. I don't think i've ever had my face so thoroughly cleansed, and once cleansed and toned,.I was given a lovely face massage which was immensely relaxing, plus Irini has a gentle yet firm touch which left me feeling well massaged. She then proceeded to put on three different serums - for my eye area, t-zone and rest of face, before putting on two different facial masks, one specifically hydrating for my dry skin. I left looking and feeling great, and my face still, two days later, looks clear and bright. Top marks

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2011

i got this for my eight year old who has had digestive problems for some time now, hoping we might find out what if anything she might be allergic to. I must say I was a bit disappointed with the result - her only allergy is to crab which she has never had :) however it was good to find out she doesn't have any other allergies. the therapist, who in fact is a nurse, was very friendly and seemed experienced at putting youngsters at ease; certainly my daughter was happy enough to have a blood sample taken, especially after a special cream to anesthetise the area was put on first (it had to be given an hour to work so we walked to nearby Hamleys for a window shop, then back again). The test didn't hurt at all, and though it felt a bit disappointing because I thought my daughter might have a gluten allergy and she apparently doesn't - I DID get a real kick out of seeing singer Sade in the waiting room as we were leaving - treat!

Visited Oct 2011

I've been to Scin before and love it as a venue - it's has a lovely air of luxury about it; lots of wood and spaciousness, and very clean looking, with lovely-smelling rooms and a great overall ambience. The staff are friendly and polite and keen to please.
I have to admit I was a bit sceptical when my masseuse Lauren introduced herself to me - she looked so young! However, i was glad i said nothing, as it turned out she was brilliant; with strong, firm hands with she applied just the right amount of pressure - I was especially impressed with the work she did on my back, neck and shoulders, and i left feeling really relaxed and well rubbed down.
Will definitely be going back again.

Verified (?) Visited Sep 2011

WAS really looking forward to my second colonic experience, and I was not disappointed. Although the Bodyworks is on the wrong side of London for me, the voucher value made it worth my while travelling an hour and a bit to get there. The venue is only a short walk from Banstead station so only took five minutes. I I was greeted by a receptionist, then given a two-page form to fill in, which took about ten minutes (so it was good I'd been told to leave time to do this before my appt.)
ONCE all the admin had been done, my therapist Nicole took me to a lovely-smelling room (i love aromatherapy oils :) and left me to get undressed, returned 5 minutes later to administer the colonic. NOT going into tooooo many details, the insertion procedure was painfree and simple to do, and Nicole made me feel comfortable and at ease - she also gave me a lot of other information, including a recommendation for magnesium to curb my chocolate cravings.
I was given the option to look at the elimination (using a strategically placed mirror) but the faint of heart needn't do so if they don't want to. Second time around, i knew what to expect and the process went quickly and without problem - I was really pleased without how much waste I got rid of, and left feeling lighter and with a lovely flatter stomach :)

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2011

I WAS a little late, but the therapist greeted me cordially and gave me the full treatment, which was great as she could have said not enough time. The salon is in a great location, just off upper street, but is small and a little cramped. I was a tad disappointed that the pedicure spa wasn't plugged in, so just got a quite ordinary scrub. However, my feet were given a good clean and massage, and the paint job, two weeks on, is still bright red and intact.
Will definitely go again, and recommend to anyone who appreciates a good mani or pedi.

Verified (?) Visited Feb 2011

Dictated by Rose, aged 8: "THIS was one of my birthday prezzies from my mum, I was so looking forward to it cos I haven't been to the hairdressers that much. The place was a bit hard to find cos my mum's rubbish at directions. Still we got there and I got a really nice stylist, who was a qualified trainee and had done lots of hairdressing already.. She washed my hair lots, making lots of bubbles, and rubbed my head with her fingers and that felt really nice. I liked the way she cut my hair - I told her not to take a lot off so she just trimmed off the split ends. I really wanted a big, beehive style, like Amy W., but mum and the stylist thought I might be a bit too young for that so I got a blow out blow dry instead which was really good.
Everyone at school the next day said it was really cool! I only wish I could go back every week, or do it myself at home. "

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2011

THERE'S nothing like a massage to melt away the stresses and strains of daily living, and the one given by lovely therapist Jade of Glamour House definitely lived up to my expectations. I am always a bit wary that someone petite with small hands won't be able to give me a strong enough massage. But I needn't of worried: Jade was stronger than she looked and gave my back and shoulders such a thorough manipulation, I could feel the aches and knots easing away. This was a great deal for £22, as it included two treatments of one's choice from about eight - as well as the massage I could have had a body scrub, pedicure, manicure, or choice of facials. My hands were feeling a bit tired and lustreless, so I went for the manicure, and was rewarded with soft and silky hands and clean and tidy nails.
The only downside of this experience was that the £10 off any beauty product was only buyable if you spent at least £30.
Highly recommend the treatments, would definitely go back.

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2010

I LOVE trying new things so was really looking forward to my first Iyashi Dome treatment, and it really lived up to my expectations. My therapist Susanna, greeted me warmly and put me at ease, explaining exactly what would happen in the thirty minute treatment. I was weighed and a computer readout printed, showing numbers I'd rather not share in public :) I was then left to change into the disposable knickers provided (you can also go in naked, but I declined :) Once I got nto the dome, I let Susanna know and she came and pulled the dome cover over me. Inside the dome was comfortably hot, and with my head outside, felt warm and relaxing;. After 15 minutes, Susanna came back to let me know it was time to turn over onto my back, for a further 15 minutes. Once the treatment was over, I got dressed and was weighed again: showing a fat loss of 0.25 - brilliant.
I love heat so really enjoyed this experience. I would love to go back for a series of treatments which I feel sure would give me more fat loss, especially if I pick up my exercise level and watch my diet :)
A great new experience, well worth trying, especially at the Wahanda price deal.


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