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Visited Oct 2012

Bernadette Testimonial

I had been wanting some form of detox since a professional fitness trainer explained to me how and why it is that detoxing is the first essential step to achieving effective weight-loss (I had always thought that physical exercise coupled with a healthy diet would be sufficient).

I opted for the Detox Foot Spa since it targets the whole body and I was absolutely convinced that - having always eaten pretty healthily and being a bit of an exercise nut - two sessions would be more than sufficient to remove any toxins from my system if, indeed, there were any lurking anywhere.

How wrong I was - the water was horrible!! And it came as a real shock to me. I am health-conscious and, even though I knew that we breathe, consume and absorb chemicals / pollutants into our bodies on a daily basis, I was totally unaware of the extent of this and just how toxic my body /organs were.

Koren explained where the toxins were being released from (- largely my liver and spleen to begin with, and also my skin - which clearly absorbs chemicals every time I swim). I have also been a persistent sufferer of candida and my body released lots of yeast.

Being a bit of a sceptic, it was valuable to physically see / witness the water changing colour during each treatment and also to see the gradual improvement.

I returned for a treatment every 3-4 days until the water remained relatively clear (- after 8/9 sessions), I started drinking the tea and I now detox regularly.

The benefits were amazing: I felt hugely revitalized after each detox; I slept much better; I lost my ‘sweet tooth’ and cravings for biscuits / chocolate; and the pounds just dropped off - I lost one stone over the course of three months (bearing in mind that I was exercising hard and muscle weighs more than fat) and my shape changed quite dramatically.

I am so grateful to have found the Slimeazy clinic. Koren is passionate about health, she is driven by a genuine desire to help people and, with her help, people are achieving fabulous, sustainable results. Thank you so much, Koren, for your professional expertise and personal commitment.

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Member since: 10-Mar-2011