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Marisa Fewtrell

Name: Marisa Fewtrell
Gender: Female
Denver, Colorado, United States

Web designer for Wahanda...I love running, yoga, sunshine, and veg cuisine.

How to curb salt cravings?

Asked by MarisaF 4 years ago

Are there specific foods or tricks to curb salt cravings without reaching for the salty snacks?

1 answer

How can I avoid spots and impurities on my face?

Asked by MarisaF 4 years ago

Everyone talks about treatments for spots and impurities, but how can you identity the root of the problem to avoid it all together?

16 answers

Cure for shin splints?

Asked by MarisaF 4 years ago

I have been dealing with shin splints on and off since I was a kid due to a low/nonexistent arch. I've used heating pads and done exercises before running and ice baths afterward but nothing seems to keep them away. Anyone have any creative suggestions?

7 answers

What's the best pay-as-you-go boxing/self defense gym in central London?

Asked by MarisaF 5 years ago

I am looking for 1-2 classes a week which don't require a contract or membership.

3 answers

My custom orthotics for running are in need of some help!

Asked by MarisaF 5 years ago

I had a pair of custom orthotics made a few years ago and they are beginning to wear. The soft foam insole is falling apart but the hard plastic support is just fine. Can I have them fixed by a podiatrist or do I need a whole new pair?

4 answers


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Member since: 01-Sep-2010

Latest Blog Entry

Goodbye Beach Body Competition, Hello summer.

Goodbye Beach Body Competition, Hello summer.

Posted 4 years ago.

So here we are at the end of the Wahanda Beach Body Competition. It doesn't look like there is a winner (officially)...

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