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Madeleine Raynel

Name: Madeleine Raynel
Gender: Female

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What's the best way to defend against coughs and colds?

Asked by madeleiner 3 years ago

What supplements would everyone recommend to help prevent coughs and colds? Is a general Multi Vitamin the best, or are there specific vitamins or herbal remedies more targeted for the immune system? Also what's the best way to clear a persistent bad cough - will steam and sauna help?

9 answers

Can you tan through a spray tan?

Asked by madeleiner 3 years ago

I'm going abroad for a wedding and would like to be nice and brown. I have 2 days before the wedding - I do tan easily (but safely) so am debating whether to rely on 2 days of sunbathing, or to have a spray tan before I go. I if have a spray tan, will I get a natural tan through it or would it stop me from catching the sun naturally?

12 answers

What exercise can I do that I will stick to? Really struggling to make time and create the habit.

Asked by madeleiner 4 years ago

I really need to find the right exercise that I will enjoy and stick to. I danced a lot previously so that would be the obvious option, but don't have any friends who want to join a class with me, so will be excercising solo. I'm very good at making excuses not to stick to classes and really don't enjoy the gym. I'm considering personal training as I think I need the routine and someone to motivate me! Any suggestions of what might work for me? I work long-ish hours in Central London.

16 answers

I have a damaged toe nail - it is bruised and loose ... should it be removed and who would do this?

Asked by madeleiner 4 years ago

I damaged my big toe nail months ago wearing ill fitting trainers. It has been bruised but the nail was in tact until now. Only a few mm of growth is underneath but the toe nail (which is black and blue still) is now half off, pulling from the side - should I get it removed, and if so who by, a chiropodist or a doctor? It definitely needs to come off but I don't know how to do this without a lot of pain :( I'm worried that it will catch and come right off which will be painful.

10 answers

I have a damaged toe nail, it is half off but the nail underneath hasn't had time to grow - advice?!

Asked by madeleiner 4 years ago

I damaged my toe nail months ago wearing ill fitting trainers and have had some bruising which didn't seem tto be growing out. I have kept the nail very short to try and allow the nail underneath to grow through, thinking tthe damaged nail would eventually fall off. The nail is now very damaged and half off - I know it needs to come off but don't know whether I need to get it removed or hope it happens naturally? I'm worried it will catch and be pulled off which will be painful. Chiropradist do you think?

7 answers

Any tips on recovery from a knee replacament operation?

Asked by madeleiner 5 years ago

My mum's just had a full knee replacement, so is now in the painful recovery process. She has fortnightly physio and is on a combination of pain killers. Glucosamine has been recommended as an organic supplement - does anyone know of any other tips?

7 answers

I have pain in the soles of my feet every morning which might be from fallen arches -what can help ?

Asked by madeleiner 5 years ago

Each morning I have discomfort in the soles of my feet and the first few minutes of walking about are really painful .... I used to dance a lot so wonder whether this could be fallen arches. I did also used to wear heels a lot, but live in flats now, so my high arches are having to get used to different pressure points. The discomfort does ease, but does anyone have any suggestions of what could help?

13 answers


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