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Name: kevaquarian
Gender: Female
Location: Not provided

No description provided

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2015

Greeted with a glass of warm herbal tea - and a smile. Very welcoming. Lovely people here.

I went for Body Rejuvenation - which, in my case, was basically a full body massage including the feet, with a little attention to the head too - but not what I would call a full head massage. This is by no means a complaint! I received the full 75 minutes treatment, and Tanya focussed on the areas that I had mentioned to her before the treatment began. It is impossible to spend thorough time on every area in 75 minutes of course.

Tanya was very attentive, and her touch was confident and intuitive.

Great massage in a warm space (much appreciated as it's proper cold in London right now!).

I am feeling the benefits today.

I will be going back when time and money allow.

Thank you.



Verified (?) Visited Sep 2014

I was very satisfied with the service I received at this clinic. It is professionally presented, and organised. I was treated by a dentist who clearly knew her stuff, and the clean was done thoroughly and carefully, with very little pain and minimum discomfort, considering that it's fairly full on with the metal cleaning tool.
Some useful advice was given after the session, with no huge pressure or guilt trip about coming back to have another treatment, which I particularly warm to; some places via Wahanda/Groupon etc are in your face about the next appointment......
Recommended, as far as my experience goes, for the treatment I received - the deep clean.
P.S. I don't remember receiving the "fresh breath treatment".

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2014

I actually went to the SPLASH SOHO SALON for my cut so this review is for that venue!!

The place was playing quite loud "2am in a club" house tracks - which is fine if you're in a club at 2am, but for me, in the middle of the day at a hair salon, it wasn't what I was looking for. I could still chat with the hairdresser but it was a bit frustrating talking over the beats. However, some may enjoy the music and the volume - each to their own.

The woman who cut my hair was lovely, and we had a good chat. The wash and haircut was fine, and I felt taken care of.

At the Wahanda voucher price it was good value. I rarely get my haircut on the street, so I don't have a wide survey of salons. The Soho place was quite a "one in, one out" "production line" type affair, but the actual treatment I received was personal and good. I can't vouch for the other staff, but certainly I would recommend the woman who cut my hair.

Would use again at the right price, with the same hairdresser.


Verified (?) Visited Jan 2014

I had a Foot Massage with Reflexology and have awarded it 5 stars.

Visited Mar 2012

Having had three sessions of Hypno with Wajeeha, I can safely say that it was a developmental experience. It's early days to speak of any major "visible" changes, but it's clear that she is dedicated to her work, and that I have felt supported and nourished from the sessions. Any therapy work is a shared venture between the client and the therapist, and I have my part to play in the coming weeks.

Wajeeha brings a comfortable, relaxing and focussed, open energy to the room, and this is conducive to an effective treatment. I will most likely be seeing her for a follow-up session at some point in the next few weeks.

I do not have any previous experience of Hypnotherapy, so no "comparison" type angle is possible.

My gratitude goes to Wajeeha for her help - a large injection of positivity was most welcome!

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2011

About 10 minutes walk from Preston Hill tube, this venue is set back in a quiet residential area. I was seen by a pleasant, knowledgeable and friendly Ayurvedic doctor for a consultation, which started on time. He was interested and thorough. Following that I was invited into a treatment room, which was clean and tidy. I then had two treatments back to back: A full body 4 hands Ayurvedic massage followed by a 4 hands Rice Bag massage. The treatment was intense and excellent. Lots of warm oil used for the first massage, and then lots of hot oil used for the rice bags. It felt a little cold in the room sometimes, but I think this was because the oil was hot, and so, when there was a small break in the treatment (to turn over, or "refill" the oil for the bags) it felt cold by comparison. I cannot say that it was actually chilly in the room. I didn't mention this to the guys, I'm sure they would have addressed it if so - they were attentive to my needs throughout.
After the massage was over, I was invited to sit in an enclosed steam bath for a while which was superb. then I was left to shower and change. I did not feel rushed in any way.
Overall, a very good experience, with the treatments done with skill and conviction - pretty intense with the 2 practitioners at the same time! I was really into it, but you may consider the 2 hand version if you prefer a less intense massage? I will most likely return to this venue to try one of their other treatments/repeat this one.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2011

Great treatment at this peaceful clinic. Complimentary herbal tea was offered while we waited (Pukka teas as well - good stuff!). The therapist was really great, and the 90 minute slot is so much more relaxed than other 1 hour treatments I've had that feel really rushed - lots of pressure on the practitioners to clean up and get ready for the next appointment with no change-over time to speak of. I would definitely recommend for colonics. Thank you!

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