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Verified (?) Visited Jun 2011

If you've ever done pilates before or curious about it, the free class I had was a great introduction and very enjoyable for machine based pilates. The studio was very clean, the instructor very knowledgeable and able to provide individual direction in a room of about 8 people and I certainly felt I'd received a great workout, tired but energised at the end of it and my body, especially my hamstrings (something I personally need to work on) felt nicely and deeply stretched out.

This is something I'd want to do regularly, at least once on a weekly basis if a) I didn't already pay a monthly gym membership and the normal cost of a class was not £25 - I do not feel, as good as the workout was, it is worth spending £100/month on for the number of times I'd wish to go. However, from Wahanda, I have bought an offer for 3 more classes for £25 (i.e. £8.33 per class) and can't wait to attend them.

A slight mix up in which venue I was supposed to be at (luckily 10 min walk apart), meant I arrived a little late. However, Chi, very quickly understood and made me feel at ease and we discussed what I'd signed up for. I thought I'd give acupuncture a try (as I'd never done so before) and she asked if I had any specific problems or issues addressing; to which I replied hayfever. Chi is incredibly knowledgable, on both Western and Eastern (Chinese) medicine and seeing as I had a decent understanding of various aspects, went into detail about both the pro's and con's of each and how she tries to take the benefits of both in her application. She is very good at making you feel at ease and comfortable as she pokes pins into your body and explains what they are doing.

Would I recommend acupuncture? Given that I am writing this immediately after the treatment, it's too soon to confirm if there's been any benefit, however, if tomorrow I feel there is, I certainly will be going back for a 2nd treatment.

All in all, definitely worth it and highly recommendable.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2011

I went on a single taster class and really enjoyed it, so when Wahanda had another deal on, I signed up immediately. I guess I feel £25/session is a bit too much, especially as I already have a gym membership but it is a tremendous workout in a great environment so for me its simply a case of going more often not being cost effective. Otherwise, would recommend it unreservedly

Verified (?) Visited May 2011

Basically this was just one of those belts you put on around your waist/stomach (except it was pads that could be placed onto specific areas on your back, stomach and and sides, held in place by a big rubber band type wrap) and then the therapist would attack the pads to the machine which sends electricity to the pads to make them stimulate the muscles under the pads - stimulate meaning in a 17min session, you completed the equivalent of 300 sit-ups!

The treatment definitely made me feel like my abs had had a tremendous workout. The therapist was very knowledgeable and explained she kept talking to me to distract me from the sensations of the pads. However, she explained that it would need 10 sessions to make a noticeable difference, whereas when I booked it through Wahanda, the offer was only for 3 and no-one told me (including the receptionist when booking my appointment) that 10 would be needed, so part of me did wonder if it was a sales pitch to book 10 sessions...

I'll wait to see how I feel after my next 2 sessions but for a work out it is very good. Long term effects? I'm not so sure about.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2011

Took my mum there for a belated mother's day present. She enjoyed the facial and the pedicure but didn't think the massage therapist was very good. And because it took about 40 minutes to drive there; she preferred her normal massasuse at the gym local to her to quote "her hands are stronger and you feel like you're getting a proper massage" Plus trying to find parking was very difficult and typical for that part of Londn was very expensive parking meters

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