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Gender: Female
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Verified (?) Visited Aug 2015

I had my teeth cleaned and polished. The technician was courteous and attentive, checking in on my comfort and giving me ample opportunity to ask for breaks as required. I'm normally quite uncomfortable having my teeth cleaned, but this experience was different. Recommended.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2011

Finsbury Town Hall is a grand old venue, with an impossibly high ceiling and ornate decorations all around. It's a bit unexpected for a zumba class, but there is a lot of space and pretty good acoustics. The instructor was fantastic, and relatively easy to follow now that I've been a few times. There's enough repetition to get the hang of most of the steps and after all, no one minds if you make up your own! Highly recommended as a fun workout to get your whole body moving.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2011

A dance class at Sadler's Wells? Yes please! I've never done any kind of dance class before, except perhaps some cursory ballroom styles in high school, so this was a totally new experience. The class was held in a dance studio, just like you'd expect, wooden floor, mirrored walls, lots of ladies in lycra. As the class began, I remembered that I'm not the most coordinated among us and for that reason, I found the instructor moved a bit too quickly and didn't give us opportunity to see what she was doing before she did it. She also had a habit of darting all over the room, so wasn't always easy to find, when I needed to compare my fumblings with her moves. I also got the possibly paranoid impression that she was tut-tutting my inflexibility! Overall I found the experience a bit intimidating, although I've since been to another class with a different instructor who took the time to run us through the steps before the music started - much better. Final word: i'm signing up for another set of classes.

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2011

I arrived to the clinic on James St and discovered that it occupies a small upstairs space at the back of a tanning clinic. I was a few minutes early, but wound up waiting about 20 minutes for my appointment, as there was a miscommunication between the reception and the therapist. Both were friendly. The therapy room was cosy but the ambience was a little marred by external noise. I don't think it was traffic - perhaps an air conditioning unit.

I had acupuncture treatment, which focused on a migraine that was painful and causing lethargy. It was very relaxing having the needles in, and afterwards the therapist used a cupping technique on my back. I wasn't so sure about that part. I felt groggy immediately afterwards but a few hours later, 100% improved. If it was a little more convenient to my office, i would definitely be a regular visitor.

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2011

Trinity Health Club was in a temporary location at the time of my visits, and on my first time I couldn't find the place. The staff were very helpful though and when I did eventually locate the club, I was impressed by the friendliness of the trainers. There were only 3 power plates, so classes were super small and as such fairly informal - always friendly.

After my first visit I was quite confident on the machines and definitely noticed my strength improving through just four-five visits. The location is not very convenient to my home/office, but if it was, I'd definitely return.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2010

As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted and introduced to my stylist. Impressive! I loved the head massage - really put me in the zone - and the stylist was totally professional and did a fantastic job of cutting and styling my hair. Very friendly, relaxing and gave me complete confidence. After the cut was done, I was treated to a blow-dry. I walked out feeling like a new person.

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Verified (?) Visited Oct 2010

This was my first experience of Thai massage and I wasn't quite aware of the technique. I was a little surprised when the massage began with the therapist kneeling on the backs of my legs as she rubbed my back. Still it was good and I felt that she made a difference to the knots in my shoulders. The last part of the massage involved me sitting up, facing away from the masseuse, as she sat behind me manipulating my back with her arms and knees. I found this very novel, if a little unsettling! Good service at a great price.


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