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Hayley Scrase

Name: Hayley Scrase
Gender: Female

No description provided

Visited May 2013

The therapist was a little disorganised as when I first arrived for my booked appointment, she was not available and so I had to re-book and return a few days later, which was very inconvenient given that I had hung around after work to go to the 7.45pm appointment rather than going home first. To compensate me for this, the therapist offered me a free back massage along with my facial. I agreed.

The facial was an average Dermalogica facial, nothing special, but the freebie deep tissue massage was actually very good. It was uncomfortable and at points painful during the treatment but my shoulders were visibly lower after the treatment, with a lot of tension gone from my shoulders and back. The therapist also used hot stones to help with this treatment.

One downside was the hard-sell by the therapist which began as soon as I entered, and also after the treatment - trying to sell me various products, get me signed up to her facebook page, book more facials and massages before I had even had a chance to go home and see the results. This made the experience feel pressured, rather than relaxing. The therapist even asked me if I was trying to lose weight, which was insulting (I am currently on a diet and trying to lose some winter weigt but at a size 12, I am hardly obese) and was critical of my skin (I do have acne) so the therapist was not very sensitive and so I did not leave feeling fantastic and confident and relaxed as I usually do after beauty treatments.

Verified (?) Visited Dec 2012

Lovely place, very local so easy to go back to as the pedicure was lovely! Friendly, clean, nice place and staff were very helpful. Pedicure very relaxing as usual! Would recommend it.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2012

Quite a small place in Clerkenwell and is pretty basic to look at. But I love the colour and cut that the guy did for me. He was really friendly and attentive and took time to ask me what colour I wanted and the cut I wanted. really pleased and will go back there for sure.

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2011

Was so much fun! Highly recommend it! Alexe was a fabulous teacher, really freindly and approachable and helped us all releax immediately. Really fun on the poles and we learnt lots of moves that would look great with practice or more lessons - more moves then i thought i would be able to do in the first class! i definately want to sign up for a 6 week course.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2011

The actual session was great - really nice trainer and state of the art machines - reformer pilates. The changing rooms are tiny tiny though and mixed with the guys which is unusual. It is above a bank in Angel with just one room for the machines so a prime location, so i understand why the changing rooms are tiny but still!

Was a great session, felt really supported as hadnt used the machines before. Was good value as my taster session was free - but would not pay £20 a session for the classes - if you have a lot of money I guess it might be worth it as it was a nice place!

Friendly and welcoming - would go back if I had the money!!

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2011

Well, for a start my booking had been lost so the creative director said she would squeeze me in because i just wanted a trim. A girl washed my hair and i felt like i was disturbing her converstaion with her mates and she didnt do the conditioning treatment i paid for. Then my hair cut took only about ten minutes and three different people dried my hair. I now have to go back to get my conditioning treatment which is annoying. She tried to make it up to me giving me a couple of free products and offering a half price cut next time i go - but she is too expensive even when half price and if she takes ten minutes again it would be a waste of money as it isnt a nice luxurious process i thought it was going to be. She was friendly but it was all a bit manic.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2011

Overall it was a pleasant experience and the colour of my hair was good, although it didnt quite reach to my scalp so you could still see my roots through the dye and at the very ends of the root. Everything else was nice about the salon.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2011

Was a nice experience - I had had one before but my mother hadn't. We went for mothers day so it was a great thing to do for something different - i'd recommend it, staff were nice and it's a fun treatment.

Verified (?) Visited Feb 2011

Flabelos was a fun experience, although quite short as you are only ont eh machine for ten minutes. It is a funny experience tp be wobbling all over but you can feel it work as you are on teh machine. I just hada free ten minute session and you need lots of sessions for it to make a difference i make also splurge on more sessions. Was a nice friendly, relaxed envirnoment - really nice staff, and she gave us vouchers for the Tapas next door so we could go and eat after the session!

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Member since: 17-Dec-2010