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Gender: Female
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Verified (?) Visited Dec 2011

I have been to this salon before and find the staff and facilities very good. I had a £5 credit for writing one of these reviews and decided on an eyelash tint for £11 which was actually £6 with my credit. I was very happy with my therapist and the tint was very good and has lasted several weeks. The only criticism I would have (and I don't know if the fault is with Wahanda or the salon) but the price advertised on this website was different from in the salon - it had gone up to £14 so I had to pay another £3. Infact there was question over whether my £5 voucher was even valid as they didn't seem to know about promotion! They did accept it in the end although I did feel quite uncomfortable as if i was trying to give them a fake voucher! Anyway all's well that ends well although I don't think I would use a £5 credit at this salon again in case the same thing happened, which is a shame because it is a nice place.

Verified (?) Visited Nov 2011

The facilities here are very basic - located on the lower ground floor of the branch of Superdrug on Ken High St. The place was a little confusing to find and I had to ask someone in Superdrug where to go for my treatment! Also there was no receptionist on duty, so I had to wait until my therapist had finished her last appointment before I could announce my arrival. (I found out later that they do normally have a receptionist but she was not in that day). The treatment took about half an hour and the therapist seemed competent in what she was doing which was the main thing. There are no knobs and bells or fancy ambience here, but the results of the therapy are good so I was perfecty happy. I still have 2 more sessions to go so hopefully will get even more results next time!

Visited Aug 2011

This is a very nice establishment located near Notting Hill. The massage room was very warm and nicely lit and smelt gorgeous. The lady who did my massage stayed in the room whilst I got undressed which was a little unusual and there wasn't much modesty spared! I wasn't particularly bothered about this, but I know some people who would feel uncomfortable. The therapist had done a quick consultation beforehand and told me she would just work on my back as i had a few back problems, although i asked if she could do my feet as well as I love a foot massage. The actual massage was fabulous I must say - the lady really knew her stuff and I felt a lot of tension melt away. However, she didn't do my feet as i asked so I did feel a little short changed at the end which spoilt things a bit for me. Also my actual massage time was just 40 mins - I know they have to fit consultation, undress, dress etc into the hour but I felt this was too short. If i'd paid £70 I would have been annoyed!

Overall, lovely ambience, excellent therapist, great massage but did feel short changed by a few things and wouldn't pay full price i don't think.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2011

I booked a deal for 3 microdermabrasion treatments for £59 which seems very good value. So far i've had 2 of the treatments, so still another to go, but i have been very pleased with the treatments i've had. My therapist Sarah has been excellent - she explained all about the treatment and what was involved and what to expect from it, as i'd never had it done before. I've really noticed my skin looking much smoother, even after the first treatment.

The salon and facilites are very good and the staff all seem helpful and friendly. Certainly nothing to complain about, and i feel this was a very reasonable offer! Would definitely go back for further treatments.

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Visited Jun 2011

I went here with the £20 voucher for conditioning treatment, cut and blow dry. Although the place wasn't hard to find, I was a little confused as the signage above the salon was for a different establishment. I did find out later that they'd only been open a month and hadn't got round to changing it yet! The staff seemed friendly enough and I was offered a glass of bubbly straight away, although it was a little early for me so i had a cup of coffee instead which was very nice. Also, i did feel a little lonely in the salon as I was the only customer the whole time I was there which didn't really add much to the atmosphere!

The stylist started by washing my hair and applying a deep conditioning treatment (which smelt lovely!) and I then sat under a heater for about half an hour. This was fine as i had my coffee and was given some magazines to look at.

After she had rinsed off the conditioning treatment she asked me what sort of cut I would like. As I really only wanted my dry ends trimmed this wasn't too complicated. I did however, find that she was quite tentative about cutting and when she had finished i had to ask her to trim a bit more as I don't think she had even touched my fringe area which tends to be the bit that gets the most dry and brittle! Still I suppose this is better than her cutting off too much!

When she had dried my hair I asked her if she would use the straighteners as i do like to have my hair poker straight. She was happy to do this, but the straighterners she used looked quite ancient and not particularly effective. No GHD's i'm afraid! Also, although the conditioning treatment smelt divine, i did find that it left my hair with a slightly greasy feel, like when i've not rinsed my conditioner out properly!

Overall, I would say everything was OK and not really any major complaints, but i'm quite glad i only paid £20.


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Member since: 16-Jun-2011