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Name: Dipesh
Gender: Male

I am a middle aged professional man working in central London. I am spiritual, holistic and follow a dairy free vegetarian diet omitting eggs and fish. I enjoy natural, organic health, cooking, yoga, fresh air and natural beauty. In my line of work I do find myself stressed and the offers on wahanda keep me afloat, relax and put me at ease.

Verified (?) Visited Aug 2014

I bought this as a gift for a friend - her feedback were as follows:
Staff - The therapist was lovely.
Amblience - Being located on top of a tiny gym impacted the ambience a little but other than that it was fine.
Cleanliness - No disposable throw away slippers available meant tip toeing to the shower outside from the therapy room in the waiting area, so a little unhygienic and then coming back to the therapy room for the rest of the treatment - nut other than that it was fine
Value - The amount my friend spent would indicate that the price should reflect what you would expect in a nice hotel but the venue didn't quite live up to this - so perhaps a little over-priced - not to take anything away from the actual treatment and the therapist who did a great job
Body Exfoliation Treatment - First time I have had this done and it was a pleasurable experience - my skin felt like a baby's bottom!
Overall - Lovely treatment

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2014

I visited Thai London Therapy after about 18 months so had a good bench mark of what to expect. My appointment was at 10am and I managed to get to the venue early at just past 09:30am. I believed the venue to be on top of a gym behind a cafe, but the cafe was now an extension of Thai London Therapy but had a shop sign of "The Rossmore". It was first confusing but then in the shop window had a cheap marker board with Thai London Therapy in the window. The owner kindly greeted me on arrival into the shop and I was offered some water. As I was early, everything was no prepared in terms of staff had not arrived yet but I was happy to wait.

The therapist who would be treating me arrived just before 10am and escorted me to the therapy rooms above the gym behind the shop. I thought I would be treated in the new therapy rooms in the shop where I sat and waited. The sign-age and operation which is clearly all operating as one business but the different trading names is not professional and is confusing for customers.

The therapy room itself although a little cramp was adequate and the therapist was friendly. I had the signature treatment that I believed to consist of a 30 minute body scrub and a 90 minute massage that I paid and booked for in advance using the best spa, beauty and therapy booking website, "Wahanda".

However, I was disappointed on a few things which from a bench mark from having been thoroughly satisfied on a previous visit left me feeling cheated and unhappy.

Firstly, the body scrub lasted more nearer an hour. Not the 30 minutes as advertised and paid for.

Secondly, the massage lasted only 45 minutes as opposed to 90 minutes and was rudely cut short by the therapist because an oriental lady outside the room shouted some words in what I believe to be Thai and at that point my therapist stopped the treatment and finished up. If the treatment time was not available, then this could have been communicated at the beginning of the treatment and/or should not have been allowed to have been booked on Wahanda. This not only damages the business reputation, but also the booking system of Wahanda and this is disappointing not to mention to the customer who's relaxing experience was taken away.

Thirdly, there were no slippers to go to and from the shower room and the therapy room which meant I had to walk on the floor where everyone walked with their shoes that was unhygienic and what it meant was the salt granules stuck back on my feet on return back to the therapy room from the shower. To remedy this, the therapy room floor should have been wiped whilst the customer is in the shower and disposable slippers should be provided.

Fourthly the clock in the room did not work, so not good for the customer to check the time and all this requires is a change of battery.

Fifth - no rest was provided for to the customer after the treatment as it is quite usual and professional to allow a few minutes for this and to be offered some water. This was not provided and the staff were more intent on preparing for the next customer. This is poor customer service and really takes away the tranquil experience. Having left quite hurriedly that felt like I was pushed out, I was quite shivery and cold having had to get up quickly, change and leave the venue.

Sixth, the gym downstairs played quite loud dance music at times and Thai London Therapy should look into sound-proofing the rooms as a simple and effective solution and/or create a door from the steps to the therapy room that should cut the noise significantly.

Seventh - I clearly stated to the owner who asked me before the treatment the areas of focus being my neck and shoulders and during the treatment, only 5% of time was spent on this specific area and this was disappointing.

Eighth - my wrist band with some eastern beads broke as I took it off in the therapy room. Being hurriedly asked to leave, I didn't get this back as I could have fixed it and it had sentimental value and in truth I forgot about it too.

Ninth - On leaving the venue, I saw the owner escorting another customer. She knew I was leaving earlier than my allocated and paid for time and asked me how I was and I just nodded my head, smiled and said it was okay as I was quite dizzy having got up so quickly, changed etc. She then said when I come next time, I would be given the extra time that she was aware of I did not receive.

The body scrub was very good and it was my first ever experience of this so bear in mind I cannot bench mark against this. The therapist spent a lot of time on my legs and it would have been good if there was equal weighting of time to balance the time spent on each area of the body. After the body scrub with the salt solution, I was given a robe and a towel and asked to shower. The shower facilities were clean but the disappointing this as mentioned above was the amount of time used on the body scrub and no slippers provided. I am encouraged to have a body scrub again as the experience was pleasant.

The massage offered was a mix of Thai, hot stones and aromatherapy oil. The Thai was good as the therapist kneaded and stood on my back. The hot stones only lasted a minute or so and time was wasted in getting the stones which were in another room and bringing them. The oil felt good and the therapist used a good degree of weight pressing into my body. Again, the disappointing aspect was that so much time was spent on my legs and not enough on my shoulders and neck. Followed by the fact that only 45 minutes was spent on the massage made it all feel rushed. The therapist didn't apply an equal amount of time on each area of the body and everything felt rather erratic because for example, one arm was done once and the other was done twice, more focus on one leg and less on another as opposed to an equal and symmetrical amount of time. This could be due to the therapists inexperience.

Overall, I think 18 months ago when I first came to this venue, it was new and up-coming business and the focus was on customer service and providing a truly tranquil and relaxing experience. I believe on expansion and focus being profit, Thai London Therapy falls short of what I paid for was a signature treatment, the best treatment and most expensive Thai London Therapy offer. The time being cut short being the most significant issue including all the other 8 points above make me less inclined to use Thai London Therapy again. I have been very honest and detailed in my experience and as a useful note for other customers, I would advise to bring along some flip-flops, don't be surprised to be rushed, to leave feeling far from relaxed and I would not recommend a signature/premium service as you're not treated with anything that would warrant that type of expectation for the money paid.

Visited Apr 2013

Went along this morning for a sports/physio therapy massage with deep tissue combined. The venue is in a residential location and the practice is located at the side of the property. There is plenty of free parking and location is okay if you're coming by car but not sure if you are coming by public transport. The therapy room is a bit cramped as it is a combined office/consultation room, therapy room and there was lots of physio/gym equipment piled up in some areas, so perhaps not the best ambiance as the entrance door opened right into the therapy room. The temperature of the room was fine and lighting was okay but there was noise of a washing machine, a vacum being used etc. coming from somewhere else in the property. This can easily be minimised by some relaxation music. The consultant took down details and educated me on many things like posture, pain and aches which was nice and professional. The massage itself was very good and you can tell that the therapist knew what he was doing concentrating in my neck and shoulders. The massage lasted an hour. The therapist communicated on the amount of pressure during the massage and it was just right. The oil used was of a good quality and my back was wiped down with tissue afterwards. I got up and my neck and shoulders feel much better. All in all the massage/physio provided here is top-notch minus the ambiance that I think could be improved. The slight off putting thing was at 11am when my massage finished the next patient was knocking for his appointment so perhaps appointments could be better spaced out to give a 15min gap. I didn't get a chance to book a follow up appointment but I am tempted to. Highly recommended and at good value if you can get a good offer like I did. Not sure whether I would be willing to pay the full advertised prices online though. Great massage, check it out, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Visited Mar 2013

I went for an hour massage this morning and I made sure even though the clocks went forward an hour, the cold spell of weather and the engineering works on the tube that I got to my appointment with ample 20mins time to spare to relax, warm up and make the most of my tiny bit of indulgence and relaxation. On arrival, no one answered the door despite pressing the buzzer several times. I then rang the mobile number on my voucher and the person explained to me that the therapist was running late and that my appointment would be at 11.40am and not 11.30am. So I said fine, please can you let me in so I can get into some warmth. The lady explained no one was there and that I should come back later (I was there for about 11.10am) and that I should get a coffee. I was surprised at the advice of a coffee, as before a massage that probably wouldn't be the best thing. There was not many shops open in the vicinity with it being Easter Sunday and the shops that were, were all multi-ethnic shops as the area was not modern per se and the shops and cafes in the area were not to my taste so unfortunately I ended up staying out in the bitter cold under a bus stop shelter. Once I finally got into the place a nice young lady greeted me and was polite and apologetic about the delay. I filled out the forms. The premises was cold because the therapist had just got there and opened up the place. The room itself was nice, clean with a nice ambiance. I had the aromatherapy massage. Having had a few massages before I found this massage quite soft and it didn't really work the shoulders and neck area enough despite specifying my condition of stress. The oils used did smell nice and relaxed me. The full body massage however did not do the arms and the therapist concentrated a fair amount of time to my head which was nice but as I have had a few massages I felt the therapist was not experienced. The technique was a bit wishy washy as moving from one area to the other and then back again, whereas with previous massages therapists generally have a routine they follow to cover the whole body in the allotted time. The massage was for 1 hour from 11.40am till 12.40pm (although I booked for 11.30am). I was offered a glass of water at the end of the massage. Overall, I have had better massages and I would rate this at the lower end of the scale. I was disappointed about the start of the massage being left out in the cold and having to wait. The quality of the massage was nothing spectacular and there is nothing that would encourage me to recommend this place to others and/or come back again. I tried this place because I had a wahanda £10 off voucher and I got a discount using top cash back so my massage worked out to be £22.50 and not £35. I usually use a local therapist and another thai massage place in London but thought I would give this a go.

Visited Oct 2012

I visited this spa with my father last year. The experience was good and my father enjoyed his massage more than me. Our session started with a consultation with a friendly young lady who asked questions on our health and emotional well being and to get an idea of our diets in order to recommend the correct oils for our massages. The massage rooms and shop itself is quite new and there is lots of parking around which is useful. My therapists massage was quite tame but it was effective. He worked and gave a full body massage followed by a head massage. The massage was quite different to oriental and eastern european massages and used some firm and fast strokes as opposed to kneading deeply. Out of preference having experienced this technique, I prefer the oriental thai technique which I found more effective. The rooms have a private modern shower cubicle with an in built steam facility which was very nice. We were offered water after the massages and were given some Ayurveda herbal liquid prescribed as per our body types and from the questionnaires we had completed and the consultation to take away. It was value for money as we had got an offer from Groupon but I wouldn't pay the advertised prices. If you are after an Ayurveda massage catering especially for older people then this is an okay place to go to but if you are like me and prefer something a bit more intense and pressing then perhaps choose another place. Note, this is a shop and not a Spa as the name of the place suggests.

Verified (?) Visited Sep 2012

I took up the offer from wahanda for me and my father as we both need to lose some weight. I am off work on stress leave and this seemed like a different experience offered. The location is nice, some therapy rooms under a very nice health shop offering wonderful organic vegan and veg food. The actual therapy rooms and area in the basement is a bit cramp but to be honest they had made the best of limited space and the ambience was nice and it was very clean. Suzanne the therapist was very friendly, put us to ease very quickly. The experience of this treatment felt just like being at the gym in the sauna except that it was much more concentrated as you're lying down and the infra red is directed straight at you. On Monday I weighed in at the doctor's surgery at 76.8kg and on the Thursday following the treatment and a pint of water, some fruit and a slice of cake I weighed in at 73.4kg. Now without getting your hopes up too high, its important to stress that since Tuesday I have gone to the gym every day and had a good 1hr workout and have been eating healthly i.e. smoothies, low fat, minimum fat products etc. but I do have to say that the dome has speeded up the process tenfold. My father has only gone down by 0.5kg but he hasn't really done any excercise accept a good walk in the mornings and a paddle in the pool as he can't swim. We have booked 3 sessions so I will be going back next week and the week after. It was definitely relaxing and I felt that a lot more time had gone i.e. several hours as opposed to just an hour. It would be good if they offered a cup of green tea afterwards but they did offer water. Suzanne leaves you in the room with the relaxation music and the low light and ambience makes you forget very quickly you're in the middle of the city. You feel your snuggled up in a cosy duvet somewhere. I like the heat and it made me sweat bucket loads but some people might find it too hot but Suzanne can turn the heat to the desired requirement. In terms of value, I think it is quite expensive but the overheads around that area would probably warrant for the price. I could not afford to have this treatment again but as part of the 3 session offer its definitely helped me as its given me a good springboard into getting back into a healthy routine of eating coupled together with the gym. Note, no showers are available so I did go back home sweating. However as part of the detoxification showering was not recommended for the next 2hrs. So, not recommended to squeeze in a lunch hour at work or anything like that.

I visited Thai Therapy for the first time this morning. I booked through wahanda and went for 2 sessions based on the other reviews on wahanda. I have been diagnoised with work related stress and I have been given strict orders to go and do some relaxing activities so this was my first activity and it was a very good experience. Yanapat and her lovely staff really go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Nina really worked through the knots and tensions in my shoulders doing such a good job that I nearly fell asleep. The room is not huge but is delightfully lit, played relaxing music and Nina asked during the session on the temperature, applied pressure etc. making the experience comforting. I had a mixed massage session consisiting of aromatherapy, hot stones and thai and right now I feel energised enough to have caught the train back home and wrote this yet my body feels as though its really worked out and had all the toxins taken out of it. The location is a bit secluded and it would be useful to have some signage however Yanapat communicated so well ringing and sending directions by text it was actually very easy to find. What makes this place so special is that my appointment was at 10.30am and my train was delayed so by the time I made it there it was about 10.40am. I did let them know and they were more focused on relaxing me and making sure I made it there okay. They kindly greeted me with a fresh bottle of mineral water as well as the necessary form to understand my state of health. I booked 2hrs and my session went well on to 13:00pm. The staff at Thai Therapy really need to be praised and I am already checking my diary to book another session. Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed and at such good value. Thx Yanapat and Nina x x :-)

Venue scores

Visited Jun 2012

I went here on an afternoon when I finished early from work. What I didn't realise is that this place is slap bang in the middle of China Town and there a tourists and people everywhere. That aside, once you are upstairs through a door on the main street, inside is quite a busy hair salon. I was greeted and filled out a form and then shortly afterwards was shown to the therapy room. The room is very small and compact and surprisingly all the noise from the salon and outside is dampened. The mood and the lighting of the room were very good. The therapist did a good full body massage, relaxed me, used some good oils and worked hard to knead the knots in my shoulders. There is no shower facilities so the oil was wiped down with a paper towel which was a bit of a dampener, perhaps a pat down with a nice towel could have been more appropriate. Overall it was a good massage minus the location and the tiny room. For what I paid through a Groupon deal I would recommend this place but I would probably not pay the advertised prices.

This is the first time I have ever had colonic hydrotherapy and went along with a friend of mine so we took advantage of the couples offer on Wahanda.

The first thing to note is that Julia communicated very well before, during and after the appointment and made the experience as relaxed and pleasant as she could. The location is nice, in a purpose built therapy room behind a residential bungalow in a quiet cul-de-sac with some lovely local greenery. The area has plenty of off street parking and generally felt quite safe.

Before the appointment, we completed some forms and had an initial consultation for Julia to understand our bodies. Making the appointment was very easy and Julia was flexible with times and dates. 5 days before the therapy, I followed a mainly juice and soup based diet and did one whole day of complete fast 2 days earlier and drank about 3 litres of water a day in order to get the most of the therapy.

The actual experience of colonic hydrotherapy for me was quite stressful. This is no reflection on Julia and the services that West London Colonic's offer. Unfortunately, my body didn't take as much water and the therapy had to be cut short because all I can say is that I let loose and debris didn't go into the pipe. This caused there to be a bit of a mess and I had to clean myself up in the bathroom. I found the experience embarrassing and a little traumatic but this is purely on a personal and individual basis. I had soiled my underwear and had to clean up and dress back up commando which wasn't ideal. Although there was a shower in the bathroom, you couldn't actually use it. I really needed a shower as I felt unclean. As a suggestion, it would be useful for disposable underwear to be made available in the bathroom and for the shower to be accessible and encouraged. Afterwards, I really just wanted to go home but my friend had her treatment done so I had to wait around.

I paid an extra £15 for a 10 minute abdominal massage before the treatment with some essential oils. Basically it was a tummy massage. I think this was not good value as it should really be included as part of the colonic experience and especially for anyone who is coming for the first time. However, it was a pleasant experience and that was the best bit I found of the treatment.

I paid an extra £10 for some herbs to be used as part of the water being put inside me that I was told would be beneficial as part of the cleanse. It was after this that the accident or incident happened and the treatment had to be cut short. I can't really say whether this is good value as I'm not sure what the herbs actually were. It's not cheap and I am disappointed that my therapy was cut short of time and I didn't really use the herbs as you would in a full treatment but was still charged for them in full.

After the treatment, my recommendations were given and some pro-biotic capsules that would be good for me. I was encouraged to buy some and book another set of treatments. I decided to think about things and take up the offer at a later date.

My friend found the treatment really good and she took up far fluid than I did and her treatment was a lot more of a positive experience than mine. She also commends Julia's lovely nature and how she made you feel at ease during the treatment. My friend bought some pro-biotics for £10, the herbs for £15 but didn't take up the abdominal massage. After the treatment she said she felt really good, very light and better.

During the couples treatment, a screen was offered to be put up and I'm so glad my friend went off for a walk because if she had decided to stay around, then it would have been even more embarrassing for me. When I went out for a walk I walked in the park opposite the bungalow and laid down on a bench at the top of the hill with it being a nice day with the sun out. I could hear some gargles and noises in my stomach and was happy to be able to just lie down. An hour later I went back and I desperately needed to use the bathroom. When I went back, my friend I could see was in the middle of the treatment and I didn't want to disturb or embarrass her. As a result, I had to go and wee in the park and because of the liquid that had been put in me, it released out of my anus. My trackies and being in commando were drenched and felt horrible. Luckily there was no one around to see my second accident. On top of being embarrassed already, I was now even more embarrassed. I had to stay standing up in the park and thankfully with the sun out pray for things to dry off. I texted my friend and asked her to meet me at the car once she had finished as I just wanted to go home. A suggestion, would be where a client goes for a walk, to state that should the need arise to go to the bathroom then the door would be open to do so and this way no one would be disturbed and incidents would be mitigated. When we left and got home, my friend had to go to the bathroom shortly afterwards but luckily for her, she went second and not for a walk like me.

Personally, I'm not going to have this treatment done again as I found the experience too traumatic and embarrassing. However, my friend liked the treatment and might do this again.

As you can see, this is a very very honest and complete review and hope it serves and helps others make an informed decision as to whether its something they want to do.


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