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I have waited a little while before writing this review because I wanted to make it fairly detailed.
I personally found that the more detailed reviewers gave me the most useful insight- perhaps because I am a rather detail-oriented person!

I am also the person who asked the question about low- priced colonics treatment, which the Wahanda community were generous in responding to.

All the responses were helpful, but West London Colonics Julia seemed to go the extra mile. I spoke to her on the phone (this is one of the things she suggested a newbie to colonics should do!), and also checked out her Wahanda profile, which incidentally wasn’t so easy to do with some of the other clinics I looked at).
The WLC Wahanda page was informative and gave me links to satisfy my desire for more information.
After talking to Julia, I was satisfied that she was the right person for me to have my first colonic with.

She suggested I book a little extra time (over and above the standard 60 minute treatment time), picking up that I didn’t want this first treatment to be rushed, and although I had wanted a low price colonic initially, I realised that she was talking good sense.
And in any case, WLCs pricing both for initial treatments, and ongoing treatments (what Julia calls a ‘series’) are very good compared to other London clinics.

So what was the structure of the treatment?
• The consultation (using a health questionnaire which was focused and well thought through, I didn’t feel rushed through it, but neither was it a drawn out affair. Julia was careful too check for contra indications to treatment.)
• A pre colonic abdominal massage – to release the colon muscles. (Julia explained the colon hold a lot of the stress response of the body)
• Then the colonic itself
• Then the retention implant (I had the probiotic implant, but she explained there are other possible substances too, ranging from coffee (!) to flaxseed tea.
• Then the after care session when Julia explained the do’s/ don’t’s for the next few days after the colonic

The treatment itself is strange at first, but I got used to it a lot quicker than I expected. Julia is very good a making you feel at ease; it helped that I felt I knew her from the telephone conversation and e-mail communication before the session. I felt I was in very competent and experienced hand, and there was no need for me to feel concerned about anything. I could feel my abdomen relaxing deeply with the pre-colonic massage, and that relaxation (plus drinking plenty of water for a few days before the colonic) made the colonic itself a fairly comfortable experience. In a strange way, I found the process itself made me feel connected with my body rather than thinking of it as alien territory. It was satisfying to sense how the water and the herbs in it were stimulating natural responses, almost like waking up a lazy, dormant part of me. Again, Julia was good with her explanations. She told me that reconnection with ones body was one the unsung benefits of colonics. She said people began to trust their bodies more, after having a few colonics, particularly people with IBS and the like. That’s not to say that there was not some temporary discomfort. I did get some hot flushes on the right side of the body (the liver flushing, said Julia), some cramp like stomach pains, also unexpected emotional feeling coming up. Julia was patient and empathetic throughout, justifying the label of ‘colon whisperer’, which she says one client conferred on her. (Which others have picked up on; me too, I think)

Julia explained also that it can take 24 to 72 hours after treatment for bowel activity to return to normal; and there would probably be a small but distinct improvement in the quality of bowel movements. Lighter and easier. For me it was 24 hours.
And for sure, I definitely saw a difference along the lines that she mentioned. Fresher, lighter and with renewed zest for life even as winter draws in on us.
Julia suggested I give myself a little time to rest and really benefit from the treatment – not to rush into the hurly- burly of every day life.
In fact, I was struck by how much emphasis she put into the pre- treatment preparation and post-treatment consolidation stages.
She keeps emphasizing that colonics are a support to a healthy lifestyle, not an excuse for having an unhealthy lifestyle.
This could be irritating to those who hope that colonics are a magic pill, but I found it helped me focus on my role in the process of re-engaging with health.
So what next for me? I have booked a series of colonics, a nicely priced package of 5 treatments (with the 5th treatment being free) plus a complimentary probiotic implant thrown in. Having enjoyed the pre-colonic massage and the post-colonic implants, I will pay a little more and definitely take them up for some, (may be all), of my forthcoming sessions.
Oh, just a last point, if you do go to Julia, be aware that she is a lady who appreciates being given feedback; she asks for it post session, and she is keen for her clients to write their reviews on WLC s business page on Wahanda.
She told me she now requests every client to comment on their experience, whether they are a single-session client or someone who elects (like me), to do a series. Her point of view is that a spectrum of experiences help the prospective client get the users perspective. A refreshing attitude, I thought. She says also that it’s the only way for her to check out that her view of the session matches that of the client!
Of course, Julia ruefully comments that people being as busy as they are, and colonics being the kind of treatment that they are, fewer people post reviews than do for standard beauty related treatments. (All I can say is Thank god for being able to post reviews under the anonymity of a user name. It may take me some time to come out of the closet on this one.)

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