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Verified (?) Visited Nov 2013

I came across Bil-Berry via a discount website and I booked my first appointment straight away for a Monday at 4pm. Bil-Berry is located some 10min walk from Sloane Square station with an entrance round the corner from King's road near a coffee shop and as the premises are shared with a hair dresser also located on the lower ground, which did not work on a Monday, so I found myself enjoying my massage in a very quiet environment. Complete bliss!

The massage therapist was very friendly and paid attention to the areas I mentioned I have the usual problems, had an excellent command of English and was very communicative.

One thing I disliked was the fact that I had to wait outside some 10min when I arrived at 3.50pm as she was busy with another client and no receptionist to open the door was available. Not sure if they are going to employ a receptionist to deal with this issue in the future, but my advice would be to be at the premises right on time and not earlier to avoid waiting in the cold. The therapist seems to be completely managing her business, so I would suggest to book your appointment in advance in case you cannot reach her on the phone and you will be communicating via email only. Do not leave it for the last minute.

Having said that, the therapist kept me the full hour and did not try to get rid of me earlier as some therapists do.

I will be back for more.

I had my first microdermabrasion and despite arriving earlier, I had to wait some further 5min until the therapist started the treatment, finishing it less than 20min later.

I am not a demanding person but I was a bit disappointed with the whole process: despite both the receptionist and the therapist being friendly face to face, arranging the appointment over the phone was a bit of a nightmare due to the 'brusque' attitude of the person who answered the phone.

In the treatment room, I had my face cleaned very fast and in an abrasive way also removing bits of my lipstick and eye makeup despite telling the therapist I have a very delicate skin. The microdermabrasion was done with crystal tips but I found this to be the least bearable method (after having so many microdermabrasions in the past) and left me with lots of flaky skin almost like powder that remained on my skin even after the therapist rapidly cleaned my skin and applied sparingly some cream.

As I said I was not happy at all comparing this with the excellent microdermabrasion I had at other places, but as both ladies were great face to face, I am hoping that I will have a better experience in the future.

Visited Sep 2013

My third appointment for a microdermabrasion has been delayed for quite some time for different reasons but the receptionist has been excellent on every single occasions in moving my appointment.

My therapist for today was a young lady who despite limited English has been brilliant in paying attention to my little but so important requests as I have such a delicate skin. Not only that but she informed me that the salon would be able to offer me the same deal for microdermabrasion in the future which means I will have to return in the following months.

I visited this centre part of a deal I bought from a discount site giving me several passes for a very small amount and what a great purchase that was!!!!!!!!!

The centre is located not far from Oxford circus tube station and off the very busy roads of Soho in an old building recently renovated. I must say: 'wow', what a great job they have done. OK, the reception/lobby area could have been done, but the staff was very friendly and polite. I had an initial 'discomfort' when I have been told every pass should be stamped as an activity but noticing how upset I was about this, they re-considered their position and said that yes, I can use the swimming pool, gym, spa etc as part of a pass!!!!!

The layout is a bit strange, with a wet and a dry changing area on the ground floor for the swimming pool and lower ground for the gym, which means that is easy for those who only use the swimming pool, but people like me using the gym too, it means I have to walk in a towel from a floor to another to access the wet changing area where I can have a shower in order to access the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is massive, as big as YMCA at Tottenham court road and divided into 3 lanes that get deeper with each lane easily allowing at least 10 swimmers to swim undisturbed. This would be unthinkable at other swimming pools in London if they are as small as I know they are!!!!

The gym is located on ground and lower ground and again is massive and very cool with strong air conditioning. As I tend to be there around 5pm, there are hardly any gym members, but it looks it gets busier after 6pm with local professionals. There are lots of machines, a power plate etc and then a punching bag on the ground floor where is quieter. The classes are held on the upper floor and a towel can be purchased from the reception for one pound.

The spa is located on the lower ground and wow!!!!!!! is the best gym spa I have ever seen in London. OK, the sauna only allows 4 people sitting but again it was empty, there is relaxing music, a steam room, lots of comfy beds of different shapes to relax on, even limonade to serve yourself and a receptionist to advise you on treatments available there.

It is so relaxing, all the guys seem to fall asleep, let's hope they will not start snoring and cover the music!!!!!!!

Visited Aug 2013

I bought a voucher giving me a certain number of minutes to be used for tanning at this location, however upon using their tanning both I immediately realised they do not have the strength I found at my usual tanning salon. I brought this issue to the attention of the receptionist and the management who immediately proceeded to organise my refund via the discount site where I paid for this.

Wow, I was so impressed with their professionalism, bearing in mind the very bad treatment I received in person and via the phone from another tanning salon where the owner blamed me for the fact their tanning booths do not properly work.

Should I discover any treatments in the future at this tanning salon I would take the offer straight away: after all, very few salons have such high levels of professionalism with receptionists so helpful and friendly. One in a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visited Jul 2013

My second appointment at Karda for a microdermabrasion was at their renovated lower ground premises. Everything was clean cut and the therapist was very friendly, although the treatment was rather rushed. I probably stayed only 15min in there, unlike the first time when I stayed close to 45min, which means I travelled probably triple the time for such a short appointment.

Upstairs, the hairdressers were busy with clients and I had to avoid stepping on some hair to reach the stairs to the lower ground as it was so tight, but the young male receptionist was very friendly despite his very limited English.

To sum it up, the place could be a hit or miss, fortunately my encounter has not been as bad as others described their experiences. If my treatment was not so short, I would have easily given it top marks.


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