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Name: None given
Gender: Female
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Verified (?) Visited Aug 2011

I booked this treatment because I was going away for the weekend and wanted to have a nice glow.

The venue was ok, I really expected a bit more being a Hilton. The therapist was nice and polite and after 5 minutes handled me an old, red-wanna-be robe that I can only describe as something that was taken from a donation box (no offence).

I explained that this was my first treatment and was scared to turn orange, she said that was nothing to worry about. I always thought that she would ask me for how brown or light I wanted to be but instead no options was given for the spray colour. During the spray tan I did point out that some parts wasn't sprayed properly and even with the poor light I could see that the colour wasn't even to which she replied that after having a shower it would be a even colour.

To my dismay when I got home and looked at the mirror I was orange!! After waiting the recommended 8hours, I had a shower and still lots of streaks, uneven marks. Today is 05/09 and when I look at the mirror I look like someone that rolled in dirty soil, the colour looks horrible, white marks everywhere

I really don't recommend, it ruined my weekend and instead of wearing nice shorts skirts like I planned, I have to wear trousers to cover up.

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Verified (?) Visited Jun 2011

The therapist was very attentive and explained the treatment step by step. The sensation was a bit weird as you are about to be electrocuted as she strapped me and put the pads in place.
She started the machine and you can feel your body tingling, as she increased the intensity I could see the muscles working and contracting. Every time that she increased the intensity she checked if I was comfortable explaining that the treatment worked better if the intensity was higher but that I shouldn't be uncomfortable.
I do feel that the treatment need more than just 3 sessions to work however it gave me the boost that I need it to go back to the gym!

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