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achoowww's profile

Name: None given
Gender: Female

I live in London with my partner and work in the City. I'm aiming to move back to York within the next two years and get some land and dogs. I work with horses some of the time so I sometimes smell funny.

Visited Sep 2008

Through this fabulous website I won a Rose Ritual Spa Treatment at this very beautiful Spa!

I arrived early and took full advantage of the gym and Spa pool! The gym was small but I had it all to myself and it had everything I wanted to use so was ideal. Each treadmill had its own TV and I was leant a pair of headphones as I'd neglected to bring any and subsequently watched Countdown whilst having a gentle jog.

After my strenuous gym routine, I relaxed in the Spa pool which was small (but again as I had it all to myself it didnt matter), it was located next to the showers which was a bit weird as people were coming out of treatments into the shower and I was sat in the spa trying to relax.

I was haded my paper knickers and headed in for my treatment. Phyllis talked me through my treatment and began with scrubbing me with some sort of rose/rice/sugar combo which was completely fabulous. I then went for a shower (no one was in the Spa pool!) and was treated to jets hitting me from all angles. Once the rice was out of every crevice I returned for a fabulous rose ritual massage which was wonderful, I know this because I kept waking myself up with some loud snoring! I was then covered in towels and Phyllis began my facial and put a face mask on. 15 minutes later she returned, woke me up (again!) and took the mask off, followed by appling some yummy rose face creams. Lovely Phyllis then began my head massage, only to be rudely interrupted by her mobile phone ringing, damn technology! Phyllis was very apologetic but unfortunalety for me that was an abrupt end to my head massage, nevermind I still had cake to come. I got my robe back on and headed back out into the waiting area where a lovely glass of champagne and a delicious little cake were waiting for me, heavenly!

The layout was a bit like a maze but that's all due to change during the forthcoming refurbishmanet. The whole place was very grand and luxurious, I was like a kid in a sweet shop, WOW! I had the most marvelous evening there and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that has a spare £250!! Thank you Wahanda xx

Visited Dec 2006

Never been to the Soa but my mum and sister did a day there and had a fantastic time. Unfortunately for me I used the hairdressing facilities... Walking out looking like I had a badger on my head I booked another appointment (elsewhere) for some serious damage limitation. Needless to say if I go back it wont be to let them butcher my hair again!

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Visited Jul 2005

Middlethorpe Hall is a stunning location and the spa is in an outbuilding opposite the hall. I went a few years ago when it first opened and the facilities were limited but they were due to expand. The massage was perfect and the surroundings and staff ideal for that perfect relaxation. Definately recommend to anyone visiting York.


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Member since: 28-Jul-2008