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Verified (?) Visited Sep 2014

I've been twice now for Gel nails here and don't think I could justify going anywhere else! Manami is very talented and so easy to talk to that the time flies by. Great value for money and central location. My nails lasted for 3 weeks with only a chipped thumb nail in the last few days - only really got them taken off at that stage because my nails grow really fast and started to look a bit weird grown out. Also it's an independent business so SUPPORT!

Verified (?) Visited Jul 2014

My stylist was lovely we chatted easily, head massage and conditioning treatment were amazing, blowdry was great, the cut is a little blunt - I have thick hair so it is noticeable unfortunately but I feel I got good value for the money I paid.

Verified (?) Visited Jun 2014

I love the staff here they are so lovely and give good advice as well. The only problem I have with giving it the full five stars is that this time (the same as last time) the strip they left from my bikini wax is crooked. It's not a massive deal, but it is quite obvious that more has been taken off on one side, the side the beautician was standing. I never seem to realise this until I'm out of there as I don't tend to hang around after a bikini wax. Not a major gripe for me but it means next time I go I will have to be vigilant.

Verified (?) Visited Apr 2014

Always a pleasure, easy to talk to - just a simple removal but worth getting it done rather than attempting and ruining my nails.

Verified (?) Visited Mar 2014

The service is so good here. Manami is a delight and so easy to talk to but yes the nails... Amazing beautiful, can't stop staring at them in a good way, as opposed to the not wanting to look at their peely ridgey grossness before. Definitely going back, such a pleasure. Now I have to think of something more adventurous for my nail art next time.

Verified (?) Visited Feb 2014

My first time here for my hair, and I was a complete idiot and booked a day earlier than I'd thought I did, so they sang me up saying I was half hour late the day before I thought I had my appointment. So that was completely my fault, a bit embarrassed I rushed over and they did my highlights which are great and very natural as I wanted, but because I was so late they couldn't fit in the cut and I was given a very quick 2 minute trim by my stylist who was very generous as she obviously wanted to go home. I felt awful for mistaking the day and being so late but it really came back on me, and not them. I was told if I wanted the cut I'd have to book another appointment.. And bye thanks for coming. I accept responsibility for the error but feel they could have offered a discount on the cut appointment instead of me paying for a whole another appointment? I'll just go back to feeling sorry for myself and wait till I have the money and time to bother again.

Verified (?) Visited Jan 2014

I don't get waxes very often so I guess I'm easy to please - everything was quick, but not without being polite, the location is great for me and the waxing itself was good, very few ingrown hairs which I'm prone to. The 'strip' though I have to say is quite crooked - as in, it does not go up the middle, it kind of veers to the side which looks kooky as hell - I would have asked her to fix it up but I couldn't see properly for a good five minutes due to looking up at the bright lights on the ceiling (rooky move). Overall a good experience - I'll go back next time and make sure I look at the wall instead.

Verified (?) Visited Oct 2013

I really enjoyed my visit here - the therapist was absolutely lovely and we got on so well, I'm not normally chatty at these things but we chatted along like we were mates. The eyelash/eyebrow dye job was great, and I was given advice about maintaining and when to come back, and they gave me a loyalty card which I'm excited to fill up. Really great service, don't change a thing!

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