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Join the party. Zumba is the new dance craze sweeping the UK that promises to be so much fun that you won’t even realise you’re working out. Fusing hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves, Zumba is a one of a kind dance class designed to burn calories and get the energy pumping round your body.

How Does It Work?

There are no pre-requisites to Zumba, just bring yourself and a whole bunch of energy (you’ll be needing it) to move your body to salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggeaton, mambo, cha-cha, hip hop and even belly dancing. The hour long class aims to combine fast and slow rhythms with resistance training to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.

Zumba is taught in a completely different way from a regular dance class with mini routines to learn rather than the slow process of learning one big dance. The idea behind Zumba is to get you fit ‘accidentally’, with each class feeling more like a carnival than an exercise session. The atmosphere encourages the positivity and energy to spread through the group like wildfire and is said to transform tired and glum participants into energetic, happy party people after just a few minutes.

Is It For Me?

The Zumba craze is out to get everyone hooked with Zumba Gold classes specifically designed for those over the age of 70 (you can even do Zumba in a chair), special Zumba classes for children and even Aqua Zumba which combines Zumba with [[treatment/aqua-aerobics/| aqua aerobics]].

With Zumba there are no complicated moves to learn and you don’t need the co-ordination of a pro – or the partner you’d require for a traditional salsa class, so you can go it alone and make new friends or even go as a group and make it a fun night out.

Good To Know:

Zumba was created by complete fluke when fitness trainer Beto Perez accidentally forgot his aerobics music and had to improvise with the tapes he had in his car: traditional salsa and merengue.

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