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Hold that pose. On first look, Yin yoga resembles other forms of traditional yoga. However, there is one key difference – unlike other forms, Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, joints, bones and ligaments. It reaches deep muscles rather than just focussing on superficial ones, allowing for a strong and lasting connection between body and mind.

How does it work?

Yin yoga focuses in particular on the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Your teacher will show you how to hold various poses which help to stretch these connective tissues and how to lengthen the muscles over time. In order for the poses to achieve the best results possible you will be required to hold them for a number of minutes – easier said than done.

Many yoga teachers advise practising Yin yoga early in the day before the muscles have a chance to warm up and become too elastic.

Is it for me?

Patience is a virtue - during a class you may be required to hold a pose for as long as twenty minutes, so this form of yoga is not suited to those who are fidgety or easily bored.

Yin yoga can help to maintain the agility and mobility of the joints. However, it shouldn’t be practiced by those who have damaged their connective tissues in any way. If this applies to you, you should wait for the tissue to heal completely before attempting a yoga class – you don’t want to make it worse!

This form of yoga is great for anyone looking to enhance their ability to concentrate and focus their attention.

Good to know

There are approximately thirty-five different Yin yoga asanas, or postures.

Yin yoga has been termed ‘needle-less acupuncture’ as it helps to restore the natural equilibrium of the body’s energy system - great news for anyone who’s needle phobic.

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