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I know Kung Fu... Wing Tsun is widely recognised as the most effective [[treatment/martial-arts/| martial art]] due to its teaching that a weaker person can defeat a much stronger opponent. It’s even taught to military and police forces around the world, so have a go if you think you’re hard enough...

How does it work?

Wing Tsun was created by a woman called Ng Mui over 300 years ago, and was intended to be used as a fighting technique. It is designed to help you utilise the power of a stronger attacker, enabling you to turn their physical force against them, making it a kind of deflective martial art. It uses bursts of speed combined with flowing movements and logical thinking to produce a fighting technique that is more than physical ability.

It is a holistic style of martial arts - also putting emphasis on the importance of the mind and spiritual guidance. When learning from a true Wing Tsun master, students can expect to develop a much deeper understanding of themselves, gain better control over their emotions and learn to respect others. It can be taught either with or without weapons and includes relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to improve overall wellbeing.

The teaching of Wing Tsun has seven aims: Awareness Flexibility Balance Timing Body Unity Sensitivity *Fighting Spirit Wing Tsun is also said to be more scientific than other martial arts in its teaching. Rather than relying on the traditional legend and methods of Ng Mui, Wing Tsun also takes into account new biological discoveries about what the body and mind are able to achieve. Some instructors work with sports scientists to ensure the constant development and fine tuning of the methods.

Is it for me?

Wing Tsun is not a competitive sport, so this might not be the one to choose if you’re aching for a gold medal. However, like other martial arts, it’s taught within a grade system – so you do get plenty of opportunity to revel in your success. More importantly, it’s open to anyone – man, woman or child – so the whole family can feel the benefits of this self-defence system.

Good to know

Bruce Lee based his fighting style on Wing Tsun.

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