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Mind over matter. If you are a bit of a girl when it comes to surgeons’ knives and blood, but still fancy shedding more than a few pounds you have hitherto been a bit uncatered for in the weightloss field. Yet the Shirran’s of the Elite Clinic in Spain have sorted all your problems with this new amazing mind-altering technology; you can experience all the effects of a gastric band without ever setting foot in a surgeon’s theatre.

How Does It Work?

Weight loss hypnotherapy works in exactly the same way as a surgical gastric band would, minus the actual surgery. Or the band. The mind is tricked into thinking a surgical procedure has taken place, therefore inducing the same effects: diminished appetite leading to weight loss. The treatment uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP, [[treatment/hypnotherapy/| Hypnotherapy]] and guided imagery to help change the client’s thought processes regarding food.

Unbelievably the initial procedure only takes four days, but the results won’t be seen for a while after, due to the fact that no weight has actually been removed. Your first step is grandly called ‘the conceptualisation’: you have a consultation to determine your eating habits, BMI, your general and mental health and your acceptance of the changes the treatment will inflict upon your lifestyle.

Clients are then given five sessions of hypnotherapy, and are eventually lead into an imaginary surgery via mind guiding techniques, and given ‘pretend’ gastric band surgery.

  • Over the first four hypnotic sessions, the client is asked to imagine the overall preparation and procedures involved in fitting a band around the upper part of their stomach. These sessions can be undertaken over four intense days, or over a longer period depending on limitations and preferences.
  • In the fifth and final session, the client is told the device is actually “fitted” into place in the upper stomach.
  • After the ‘surgery’, direction is given to the client on meal portion and quality of diet, and they are assisted to develop a more productive relationship with food.
  • Typically, the client is asked to listen to a reinforcement CD until the desired weight and diet control is permanently achieved.
  • After about four weeks the client is hypnotised again, this time to ‘adjust’ the imagined device. Positive dietary and exercise changes are also reinforced.
  • To ensure that the rate of weight loss being achieved is in line with expectations, clients are encouraged to return to the clinic for an 'adjustment' session, approximately eight weeks later.
  • A final, in-depth session is also advised, in order to make sure that the healthy weight is maintained permanently.

Is It For Me?

Whilst surgeon’s often limit the amount of people they permit to have a gastric band fitted (due to risks with the operation, infection and anaesthetic), obviously there is no physical risk involved with the weight loss hypnotherapy, meaning you are more likely to be compatible with the service. This less invasive alternative is also a darn-sight cheaper than its surgical sister too.

However, weight loss hypnotherapy isn’t for everyone, and the initial consultation will determine if the procedure is right for you: the ‘surgery’ will not go ahead unless you meet the criteria set by the clinic you are visiting. Also, if you are a bona fide hypnosis cynic, you may want to rethink putting your faith in a profession you are sceptical of.

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