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Take a deep breath. Viniyoga is a style of yoga that focuses predominantly on breathing, although it also allows people to incorporate poses, meditation and chanting to develop a practice that is personal to them. It’s good news for people who want an experience that is specifically tailored to them – this is your chance to get all the attention...

How does it work?

During a viniyoga class you will be taught to develop a deep awareness of your breath and your body, as well as how to use your breathing to complement your movements. You will be encouraged to practice different sequences of poses and pranayama breathing exercises, which will have you feeling relaxed in no time.

Your teacher will place emphasis on the importance of function over form when practising viniyoga. There’s no need to be a perfectionist - as long as a pose achieves the effect you desire it to, it doesn’t matter whether it is technically perfect or not.

Viniyoga should always be tailored to the individual, so classes are taught one-on-one. Your teacher will be mindful that everybody has unique needs and abilities, and will be happy for you to progress at your own pace, so there’s no rush.

Is it for me?

Viniyoga is a gentle and adaptable form of yoga that can be tailored to suit almost anyone. It can therefore be practised by people of all levels of fitness, in addition to those who are pregnant, ill or injured.

It is claimed that viniyoga can be particularly helpful to those with chronic back pain.

Good to know

Viniyoga was created in the 1970’s by Sri. T. Krishnamacharya. ‘Viniyoga’ is a Sanskrit word and can be roughly translated to mean ‘adaptation’.

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