Vaginal Tightening

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Feeling a little 'dead from the waist down'? If you're not exactly 'rocking the casbah' due to a lack of intimate tone, then vaginal tightening could be the answer to your down-there prayers. For many women who have had children, the vagina becomes stretched and can lose its tone and strength. An enlarged vagina can reduce sexual sensation for both partners. Vaginal tightening can bring back sensation by making the vagina smaller, thereby making intimate moments more enjoyable for all involved. With just a four to six week recovery period you'll soon be enjoying the no pants dance all over again.

How does it work?

This surgical procedure involves an incision made inside the vaginal canal. It takes around an hour and can be carried out under local or general anaesthesia.

Your surgeon will make the incision before pulling the muscles back together tightly, reducing the diameter of the vaginal passage. The procedure will also tighten the supporting structures and soft tissues. Once the passage has been tightened, there will be an excessive amount of vaginal lining that is carefully trimmed away and stitched closed. All scarring is internal so you won't have to worry about any unsightly marks.

Swelling and soreness are common following surgery. Recovery will generally take no more than one week, and most women will be able to go about their day normally after this. It is advised to leave between four and six weeks before bedroom activity is resumed to ensure full 'sexual healing'.

Is it for me?

If you lack sexual confidence due to a loss of friction during intercourse then this treatment could be perfect for getting you 'back in the saddle'. Whether the cause of your discomfort is childbirth or natural, if you've considered it carefully and are serious about sorting out your sex life then surgery might be the answer.

Good to know

It's not just childbirth that causes this tricky issue - some menopausal women experience a slackening of the muscles down there. It's entirely normal and totally treatable with this short procedure.

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