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Find your inner flow with TriYoga. This is a complete hatha [[treatment/yoga/| yoga]] method, meaning that it includes all the poses, breathing exercises and [[treatment/meditation/| meditation]] techniques that most people immediately associate with yoga.

How does it work?

This particular strand of yoga was created by Yogini Kaliji (or Kali Ray) – a yoga master with 30 years of teaching experience under her vegan (leather-free) belt. The system combines the three yogic foundations of posture, breath and focus - and Kali Ray has established seven distinct levels for students to progress through.

Beginners start with Basics (naturally), which strengthens the core and prepares the body for the more advanced stages. Pillows and props may be used to ensure maximum comfort throughout the class. In order to attend an all-levels class you must have already finished the Basics course.

Each subsequent level includes five series which must be completed in order to progress on to the next level. Classes are led by a teacher and you are encouraged to stick to the sequence in order to gain maximum benefit, although you can switch to a similar pose if you find one too challenging - injuries aren’t part of the system. Movements are rhythmic and flowing and each 1 hour 45 minute class will finish with a period of deep breathing and meditation. TriYoga relies upon students being calm and focused, so talking during the class isn’t encouraged and children are only allowed to attend if they are participating in a positive way.

Is it for me?

TriYoga is said to: Accelerate the transformation of body, mind and spirit Increase flexibility and strength Improve functions within the body, including immunity, digestion and cardiovascular and respiratory systems Improve emotional balance and mental clarity Thanks to the distinct structure of TriYoga, it’s great for beginners who wish to progress steadily within one particular style of yoga. Perhaps it’s not one for those who prefer their exercise classes with a side of gossip and giggles.

Good to know

TriYoga is taught in 35 countries around the world.

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