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Get your bounce back. Thought trampolines were just for kids? Think again! Trampolining is fast catching on as a popular way to get fit while having fun. And it’s not just about jumping – trampolining was originally inspired by the circus and involves some simple gymnastics and acrobatics too.

How does it work?

Bouncing on a trampoline may feel like play, but actually your body is doing lots of work, so it’s important to begin with a warm up. Your instructor will help you get your arms and legs feeling loose and limber with some stretching, and will then teach you the safest way to jump before allowing you to try some different manoeuvres such as a seat drop, a tummy tuck or a straddle jump (we told you it was fun!)…

Trampolining works your core muscles, which tighten as you jump to protect you from damaging your spine. It also works your back and arm muscles, which help to keep you balanced, and your bum and leg muscles, which launch you when jumping and also absorb impact. Just make sure you don’t overwork these muscles – you don’t want your new hobby to give you a strain.

Although a trampoline class typically runs as a group session, only one person uses it at a time for safety reasons. The others stand around the edges of the trampoline to ensure that the person using it doesn’t fall off – though there are also plenty of safety mats to cushion you if you jump too far.

Is it for me?

Trampolining isn’t just for kids and teenagers – it’s a fun way for adults to get fit too. However, it’s best avoided if you have any problems with your muscles and joints or if you suffer from back injuries, as it could make them worse.

Good to know

Trampolining is an Olympic sport – gymnasts perform a variety of jumps, somersaults and twists whilst in the air. In synchronised trampolining, two competitors perform the same moves at the same time on two adjacent trampolines. And you thought it was just jumping up and down…

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