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Taizen Japanese Bath description

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Take the plunge. Despite its name, the Taizen Bath is very different to your ordinary tub. Filled with thousands of tiny heat-retaining stones, this warming bath can help to detoxify the body, reduce cellulite and encourage weight loss. Just don’t turn up with a rubber duck...

How does it work?

During the Taizen Japanese Bath treatment, you’ll be asked to remove your clothes and immerse yourself into a large bath full of tiny, pre-heated stones. Unlike ordinary stones, these little balls contain a variety of beneficial elements, all designed to get you feeling in tip top condition.

In order to really reap the benefits of the treatment, you’ll need to stay in the bath for a minimum of 9 minutes. Luckily, the experience is a relaxing one – so you can just let go of your thoughts. Who knows? You might even drift off...

Is it for me?

Overindulged recently? Or maybe you’re feeling a bit under the weather...The innovative Taizen Bath can help with a number of different problems by:

  • Burning over 900 calories, reducing body fat by approximately 10%
  • Activating healthy cell growth and reverse negative cell growth
  • Activating water molecules in the body, warming it from within and improving absorption of nutrients.
  • Improving oxygen levels in the body, eliminating bacteria and giving you more energy.
  • Eliminating fats, chemicals and toxins, reducing cellulite.
  • Improving blood circulation, allowing faster healing.
  • Activating sebaceous gland activity, improving skin condition and quality, giving it a nice smooth feel.
  • Reducing acid levels in the body
  • Improving nervous system
  • Reducing acid levels in the body
  • Reducing pain from injuries, arthritis and rheumatism

If you have an illness, injury or skin condition that you think may make you unsuitable for this treatment, or if you are pregnant, it’s best to consult your therapist before you begin. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry...

Good to know

The Taizen Bath originated in Asia and has only recently been introduced to Europe – great news if you’re a seasoned spa-goer looking to try something a bit different.

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