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Sink into relaxation. The Sanskrit word ‘Svaroopa’ means ‘the bliss of your own being’. Svaroopa yoga aims to open and relax the spinal muscles, releasing tension and leaving the body in a natural state of bliss. Rather than concentrating on precise positions, students of Svaroopa are encouraged to sink into poses, taking pressure off the body and allowing it to unwind.

How does it work?

Classes last for approximately an hour. During a Svaroopa session your teacher will show you how to use props such as blocks and blankets to help position the body in different ways. You will also be taught to adopt various positions that focus on opening and releasing the spine. Where necessary, your teacher will help you to adjust your positions to get the most out of the experience – so get ready to stretch that little bit further!

Is it for me?

Svaroopa yoga can help to ease neck, back and shoulder pain, in addition to reducing fatigue, headaches and colds. It can also aid breathing and digestion, and has a positive effect on those suffering from stress.

Svaroopa yoga is suitable for people of all abilities. As a beginner you’ll be taught poses that provide lots of support to the spine. The more advanced you become, the more you will be able to explore different ways in which to manipulate the body – and the easier it will become to achieve that blissful state.

Good to know

Stress is cumulative – being stressed over a long period of time can manifest itself in the form of physical aches and pains. Practising a form of yoga such as Svaroopa yoga can help to counter the effects of stress and prevent tension from building up.

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