Sunbeds and Tanning Booths

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Sun Angel

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Having a tan may help you look healthy and radiant but the likelihood of a sun drenched summer, winter and spring is a distant dream for most of us. Although they're not the most kosher way to get a tan, sunbeds and tanning booths are still one of the most popular methods to achieve a golden glow.

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Body moisturisers that won’t ruin your spray tan

It’s one of the biggest beauty frustrations there is; you’ve gone and got yourself a professional tan and played by all the rules (that includes a top-to- toe scrub and paper knickers), but no sooner do you whip out the denim shorts to show it off, than it begins to fade. Luckily, before you step […]

How to make your spray-tan last longer

Paper knickers and disposable shower caps may not be the most glamorous treatment accoutrements, but if the pay-off is an almost instant transformation from ghostly pale to golden goddess, we think they’re worth enduring. As well as disguising a multitude of imperfections (we know of no better way to diminish the appearance of cellulite than […]

Summer tans are made in spring

You may have noticed that your Instagram feed is already starting to fill up with shots of golden limbs, bronzed bellies and honey-hued complexions. Tanning season is officially on. It might seem a tad early, but  if you want to look like a golden goddess by July, it’s best to get a handle on your […]

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Spray Tanning and Sunless Tanning

Perfect if you’re prepping for an event and haven’t dared to get your legs out for a while, a spray tan is designed to temporarily deepen your skin tone, evenly covering your body in a tanning mist that quickly absorbs into your skin leaving you with a healthy bronzed glow from head to toe.