Step Aerobics

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Can you step up to the challenge? Using just a stepping platform you can burn some belly fat, tone up your thighs and enjoy a cool cardio workout - so simple you can even carry it on at home (just don’t fall down the stairs when you do it).

How does it work?

Step aerobics puts a modern twist on the traditional style of aerobic activity. Aerobic, which literally means ‘with oxygen’, is a form of exercise which aims to increase the body’s consumption of oxygen to improve cardiovascular endurance. Step aerobics improves upon this idea, by providing a low impact alternative exercise.

The stepping platform referred to as a ‘step’ is adjustable so that the workout can be catered to your individual needs, i.e by increasing the height you will be performing a more intense workout. Benefits of step aerobics classes include weight loss and maintenance, increased cardiovascular endurance and stress management as the workout is fun and enjoyable - the perfect way to let off some steam.

This exercise can be performed at home or in a group setting as all you need is a step and some upbeat music. In a group setting the class will normally consist of a warm up, cool down, drills and the main section of the class which will consist of basic step movements.

Is it for me?

Popular amongst people of all ages, step aerobics is a low cost alternative to other forms of aerobic exercise. It is convenient for many as the exercise is not restricted to an exercise studio. Although step is a low impact form of exercise, it may not be suitable for those who suffer from joint problems as the impact from the stepping routine can be concentrated on knee joints.

Good to know:

Step aerobics was born in 1989 when Gin Miller, a dedicated instructor joined forces with an innovative fitness brand to create Reebok Step—still one of the most popular group fitness classes in the world.

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