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SmartLipo description

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Increase your beauty IQ. We all know that the only good muffin tops are the kind that come with blueberries, so why not lose yours (or any other annoying wobbly bits) in time for summer with a spot of Smartlipo?

How Does it Work?

Known to many as ‘lunch-hour laser lipolysis’ (try saying that with your mouth full!), SmartLipo is at the cutting edge of cosmetic fat reduction and can take between 20 minutes and 2 ½ hours depending on how many areas are treated- you may even have time to grab a sandwich before you have to be back at your desk.

This in-and-out treatment uses a laser to breakdown unwanted fat and provides a great alternative to traditional liposuction which can be painful, cause bruising and is more invasive. SmartLipo is carried out under local anaesthetic and the incision is so small that it doesn’t even require stitching after treatment.

So here’s the science bit. A 1mm flexible canula containing a laser is inserted through the skin at the area where the fat is to be removed. The laser is heated to 45ºC melting the membranes of each fat cell, which then causes them to break down. The fat becomes liquid, which is then naturally dispersed by the body over a period of 5 to 12 weeks. Simultaneously, the laser seals-off minor blood vessels whilst stimulating collagen production to give a smooth, sculptured finish. As a bonus, the skin around the area will feel firmer too. Genius, we say.

As a general rule, SmartLipo causes little or no discomfort, bruising or side effects and is very safe unlike traditional liposuction which is more invasive and can involves blood loss, bruising and pain. Another huge bonus is that the effects are permanent. The fat cells involved are destroyed or damaged by the laser and, as most people cease to produce fat cells after puberty, they aren’t replaced.

Is it for Me?

Smart lipo is perfect for shifting that last bit of weight that just won’t budge, a stubborn post-baby belly or areas which need ‘sculpting’. Because the fat is naturally processed over time it is important not to do too much at once and overload the liver. This means a maximum 500ml of fat should be removed per treatment therefore it isn’t suitable for overweight people looking to lose a large amount of weight. To prevent putting on weight in other areas you should still maintain a healthy diet and exercise programme.

Good to Know

If you want an immediate result, the doctor can opt to ‘aspirate’ (suck out) some of the pre-melted fat using a small canula. This has the same recovery time but gives you an instant lift!

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