Self Defence

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Fend for yourself. Boost your confidence and learn some smooth moves with a self defence class, teaching you non-aggressive techniques to keep you feeling safe and secure, and able to get yourself out of tricky situations should you need to.

How does it work?

Self-defence is a traditional concept of the Martial Arts and can come in different forms - so depending on the class you choose you will learn different skills. The main principles of self-defence are:

  • Physical defence
  • Mental awareness

The physical defence principle will consist of the instructor demonstrating moves and techniques. You will learn about the vulnerable parts of the body and how to use them to your advantage. By participating in real life situations you will increase your self-confidence - plus all that cardiovascular activity will give you a healthier heart.

Mental awareness involves preventing you from getting into situations where you are put at risk. Your instructor will discuss with you how to spot a dangerous situation and how to escape it safely using their self defence know-how. It’s not about violence or attacking others - just simple steps to help you keep your cool when out and about.

Is it right for me?

Self-defence is open to people of any age, gender and fitness level - it can be a fun and unique way to get fit while learning the art of using other people’s strengths against them, and to become more aware of what’s around you so those sticky situations never arise.

Good to know

Martial arts were initially all about self defence and awareness, but they have become much more widely used and beneficial. Many now practise self defence and other arts for spiritual and physical reasons.

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