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Seitai Massage description

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Soothe your skeleton. A Japanese therapy, Seitai massage combines elements of Shiatsu with Chiropractic methods to manipulate the body’s soft tissue and balance the musculo-skeletal system. Found yourself under a lot of strain lately? This gentle and relaxing way of restoring harmony will leave you feeling brilliantly blissed out – a welcome change from the stress of everyday life.

How does it work?

At the beginning of a Seitai massage session you will be asked to lie down on a traditional futon mattress. You’ll need to make sure you’re wearing loose clothing that’s nice and comfortable – this will make it easier for your therapist to work that magic touch.

Although borrowing some techniques from Chiropractic tradition, Seitai doesn’t involve direct hands on skeletal adjustment. Instead, it works with the body’s soft tissue structures - helping to restore the bones to their natural positions by manipulating the tissue around them. Good news if you’re not so keen on the thought of someone fiddling with your femurs...

During your Seitai massage, the therapist will use their fingers, thumbs and elbows to stimulate different points on your body. These points are similar to those used in acupuncture or acupressure, and help to encourage a healthy flow of energy. The therapist will also take into account your muscle structure as a whole, helping to loosen you up and leaving you feeling nice and limber.

Is it for me?

If your posture is less than perfect and your shoulders are nestled next to your ears, a session of Seitai could be what’s needed to straighten you out. This form of massage is brilliant for workaholics who spend long hours hunched behind a desk, as well as for those who suffer from postural disorders or are particularly active.

Not sure whether you are suitable to undergo this therapy? If you are pregnant, ill or suffering from an injury it’s always a good idea to have a quick discussion with your therapist prior to the treatment – they will let you know whether it’s safe to proceed.

Good to know

Seitai is a Japanese word that translates as ‘to bring the body to order’.

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