Scar Tissue Treatments

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Sick of your scars? Made miserable by marks? Specialised scar treatments can help to fade and even remove unsightly damaged tissue. There are plenty of different options available – your therapist will help you to choose the one that’s right for you, depending on the severity and depth of your scarring. All you have to do is look forward to a fresh, new you...

How does it work?

Scarred for life? Not necessarily...There are a variety of scar tissue treatments on the market – some of which fade the scarring, and others which can remove the damaged tissue altogether. Which treatment you choose will depend on the nature of your scars, and whether or not you have a preference for non-invasive over invasive procedures. If the thought of a scalpel makes you squeamish and needles make you nauseous, you might be best off sticking to something less drastic...

'''Collagen injections''' – pump up the volume. Collagen injections can help to improve the appearance of damaged skin by increasing elasticity and plumping the tissue. You could also opt for steroid injections, which have the ability to soften and reduce hardened scars.

'''Dermabrasion''' – suitable for treating surgical or acne scars, this process removes the top layer of skin to reveal the less damaged layers underneath. Flinching just thinking about it? Well, they do say ‘No pain, no gain’...

'''Laser scar removal''' – laser scar removal works in a similar way to dermabrasion, except that it uses lasers to burn away the top layer of skin. Not a treatment to be entered into lightly, laser scar removal will require a recovery period of several days.

'''Surgical scar removal''' – reconstructive [[treatment/cosmetic-surgery/| plastic surgery]] removes scar tissue and replaces it with healthy tissue for a fresh appearance. This method may be the most effective way to deal with severe scarring following an accident or injury.

'''Silicone gel sheeting''' – one for those who aren’t too keen on needles and knives, silicone gel sheeting is applied to the scar in a similar way to a bandage. Over time it can flatten and soften the scar, as well as making it appear lighter in colour.

Is it for me?

If you find that your scars have a major impact on your self-esteem, then scar tissue treatment may be a good way to boost your confidence. However, surgery in particular should not be entered into lightly – so make sure you’ve talked the procedure over with your clinician first just to be absolutely sure.

Good to know

Research has shown that every individual has on average three scars on their body – meaning that scarring is a more common occurrence than most people realise.

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